Prison time for man who shot and killed a dog

Prison time for man who admitted to shooting a dog

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A man who admitted to shooting and killing another person’s dog has been sentenced to prison time. As reported by, 39-year-old Edwin Harrison was sentenced to six-to-eight years behind bars for the 2016 killing of a Jack Russell terrier mix who was being walked along Fort Pleasant Avenue in Springfield, Mass.

The dog’s owner stated that Harrison had approached him while walking the dog – a disagreement about his identity ensued and Harrison pulled a gun and shot the dog in the neck.

Harrison faced a multitude of charges including animal cruelty; malicious killing of a domestic animal; carrying a firearm without a license; illegal possession of ammunition; possession of heroin with intent to distribute; and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

Harrison will serve concurrent sentences for the firearm and animal cruelty charges.

(Stock image via Pixabay)

Yesterday: Med student poured boiling water on dog who pooped inside – more about this cruelty here.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Six to eight years hardly seem like a harsh enough sentence for what this POS did. This monster murdered someone’s dog over nothing! When is our judicial system going to start taking this serieiously.. Doesn’t it seem that killing something should carry a harsher penalty then what someone gets for paying to get their kids into a school?


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