‘Sunset’ dog who became the face for ‘bait dogs’ passes away

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In Fort Meyers, Florida, one special and very gentle dog, who became the face of a movement bringing awareness to the torture of “bait dogs,” has died. Just over four-years ago, Sunset was found abandoned in Lehigh Acres.


Sunset was known as a “bait dog”; her story affected even the most stoic.

“I wasn´t sure if I would survive after I was badly abused as a bait dog! They chose me, because I am so gentle! If you don´t know what a bait dog is, here is the explanation :
First you need to know that there are professional dog fights going on even in your neighborhood!!
These people train dogs to fight against each other until death! That alone is cruel enough!
And then these so called “humans” take gentle dogs like me as “bait dogs”
They taped my mouth with duct tape so that I could not fight back, tied me to something that I had no chance to go away and then these so called “humans” set their dogs on me to train them how to fight. They tried to bite me to death and almost ripped me apart,” had been posted on a Facebook page for Sunset.

But even then, Sunset’s torturous existence wasn’t over. Over and over the dog was bred, her puppies taken away to be sold and trained as either bait or  fighting dogs, and when she was no longer useful, she was dropped off on the side of a deserted road and left to suffer. Fortunately she was found and brought to the GCHS. Her right ear was almost ripped off,  teeth were broken or missing, she suffered bite wounds, her tail was wounded and on her left paw, a piece of the pad had ripped off deep into her tendons. She had  severe infections, was severely dehydrated  malnourished and covered in dirt and feces.


For days the dog’s prognosis was critical, but her determination to survive led to the best possible life any dog could wish for when she was adopted just three months later from the Gulf Coast Humane Society where she had been medically  treated and rehabilitated.

According to Sunset’s, Facebook page,

“I still have no words and I can‘t see because I can‘t stop crying but you as Sunny‘s fb family that have followed her amazing story, many of you from the beginning, deserve to know why Sunny is no longer with us…

She wouldn‘t eat dinner Sunday night and we could tell she wasn‘t feeling well so we took her to the vet on Monday and to a specialty clinic Tuesday night when we noticed she was declining…
Sunny was diagnosed with an Endocarditis yesterday afternoon and the cardiologist told us there was a chance she could survive so we decided to do everything to give her that chance…
The clinic called us last night at 1:22am and told us Sunny had stopped breathing and they were trying to get her back but she was gone…

We brought her home and spent the rest of the night with her and said our final goodbye. Our pack also had the chance to say their goodbyes so they know why she is no longer here.”

Sunset was a strong dog who overcame unbearable pain to lead a mission and to help spread awareness about dog fighting. Her legacy will continue. If you see something, say something. Be reminded, there are so many more dogs just as gentle and as loving as Sunset who cannot speak for themselves and are still enduring this inhumane torture.

Rest in peace Sunset.

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3 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    After a life of pain, Sunset had many angels loving and taking care of her!
    Now she has thousands of angels taking care of her and will never be in pain again! She is now watching over and protecting her family and friends on
    earth until the day they ALL meet again in heaven!

  2. Gizmos Mommy says:

    I personally think all those involved in dog fighting should be executed. Just plain put out of society. They are useless savage maggots who will never amount to anything.


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