Chihuahua likely a bait dog after found with wire contraption binding his mouth shut

In Phoenix, Arizona, a local dog rescue came to the aid of a young chihuahua running through a neighborhood near 91st Ave and Osborn with a wire contraption on his face binding its mouth shut.… Read More

Severely injured ‘bait dog’ found dumped in ditch along Wichita road

On Tuesday morning, a Good Samaritan contacted the BelAire Kansas Police Department about an injured dog found lying in a ditch along a rural Wichita road. The abandoned dog suffered from shock, dehydration and suffered … Read More

‘Sunset’ dog who became the face for ‘bait dogs’ passes away

In Fort Meyers, Florida, one special and very gentle dog, who became the face of a movement bringing awareness to the torture of “bait dogs,” has died. Just over four-years ago, Sunset was found abandoned … Read More

Sweetest dog found ripped apart and likely used as bait in fighting ring

The Witchita Police are asking for the public’s help identifying the person who abandoned a badly injured dog on Tuesday morning. The dog was found with numerous puncture wounds and is believed to have been … Read More

Heartbreaking: Dachshund abandoned in cardboard box used as bait dog

On Saturday morning, the intake photo of a dachshund left outside of a South Florida shelter was heartbreaking. The dog could not stand and was covered in bite marks. Because of his severe injuries, the … Read More

Rescued: South Memphis ‘bait’ dog whose spirit was broken

Less than one week ago, Liam was found hiding behind a warehouse in South Memphis. His battle scars tell his story. Based on the type of injuries and his physical condition, rescuers suspect he was … Read More

Advocates in England and Wales calling for five year jail terms for animal abusers

Animal cruelty should carry a five year maximum jail sentence says Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, a rescue organization claiming current “animal cruelty sentences are a joke.” The current  six months in prison for … Read More

Scrappy: Bait dog ripped apart and dumped to die

In Savannah, Georgia, the tragic story of a tortured dog continues to touch the hearts of animal advocates everywhere. Scrappy, as he has been dubbed, was covered in both old and new bite wounds. When … Read More

Bait dog rescued after being attacked

While Santa Claus came to town on Christmas Day and delivered treats and toys to so many beloved dogs, one seven-month-old “bait dog” puppy would unknowlingly celebrate her freedom; she had just been saved from … Read More

Young dog rescued without a tooth in his mouth

In Kershaw County, South Carolina, shelter workers made a disturbing discovery while rescuing a dog suspected of having been involved in an illegal, organized dog fight. After a call from a local resident reporting a … Read More