Sweetest dog found ripped apart and likely used as bait in fighting ring

The Witchita Police are asking for the public’s help identifying the person who abandoned a badly injured dog on Tuesday morning. The dog was found with numerous puncture wounds and is believed to have been used as a bait dog for fighting dogs in training.

According to the rescue group Beauties and Beasts, Animal Control had received a report of an injured dog unable to walk. It appeared he had been dumped in the area of North Market and suffered from punctures, tears and a severe break to his left front paw as well as a fractured right front leg. Most likely he had been involved in a dog fight; there was no evidence of blood in the area except for the small amount where the dog was found. The dog, dubbed Miller, did not get to the spot where he was discovered by himself.

As Miller patiently waited for the veterinarian staff to examine him, a volunteer stayed with him.

“Despite the excruciating pain he has endured he has been the sweetest boy during his arrival to the vet clinic and the initial examination of his severe injuries. This is heartbreaking. We are thankful to the Good Samaritan that found him and the Animal Control Officer that stayed by his side and reached out for help to get the vet care he needed,” the group posted on their Facebook page.

Wichita Animal Control originally thought the dog had been hit by a car, but Miller’s injuries, including the puncture wounds and the possibility his mouth may have been tied shut, indicates the common practice of how bait dogs are treated and used.

Check out the sweetest dog ever:


“We are thankful to the AC officer that lovingly stayed by his side while reaching out for help to save his life and to the compassionate woman at the vet clinic that immediately wrote a check for $500 towards his care,” the group posted later in the day.

Beauties and Beasts are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the responsible party in Miller’s abuse. Sadly, Miller’s leg will need to be amputated, but he is expected to recover and will be available for adoption when he is healed.

Anyone with information about Miller is asked to contact Wichita animal shelter 316-350-3360 or email LT. Sigman bsigman@wichita.gov.

To donate to Miller’s medical expenses, please click here.

Get well soon Miller.

(Photos and video courtesy of Beauties and Beasts Rescue)

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