Update on Thumper: Tiny dog found in pizza box in trash

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On Monday afternoon, Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs received a plea from a partner shelter in a rural Atlanta, Georgia area concerning a tiny abandoned dog, dubbed Thumper, stuffed in a pizza box and tossed away in a public garbage receptacle. The six-pound dog was rushed to the shelter where it was determined he was in critical condition and needed immediate rescue intervention to save his life.

At the Blue Pearl Emergency Veterinary Hospital, Thumper was not able to stand; doctors believed he had suffered blunt force trauma to his head as he had been showing signs of neurological abnormalities and bleeding.

On Tuesday afternoon, Thumper remained in critical condition. An update from Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs stated his blood pressure and blood sugar levels were dangerously low. He is still wobbly which could be an indication of a massive blunt force trauma to his head. An ultrasound has been performed and the veterinary staff are awaiting the results of his neurological and orthopedic consultations. An MRI is also planned.

“We are disgusted that someone could be so violent with this tiny little innocent,” the group posted on their Facebook page. “… There are so many alternatives that someone could have made instead of placing Thumper in a Pizza box…”

To help with Thumper’s medical expenses, donations can be made by clicking here.

Read previous coverage of Thumper here.

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7 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Amazing to me that people can think so little of a life. Maybe we should have an island prison and ship all the abusers there whether they are human or animal similar to what Australia used to be.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    It is Just Becoming Common to Read of the Horrific Torture, Maiming, Crippling , atrocities, Committed on the Very Creatures we as a society have vowed to Care, Love, & Protect!!! It is like reading the weather report !! Our very OWN SOCIETY is Crumbling Right Before our VERY EYES !!! Yet!! it appears that it REALLY doesn’t Matter to Many as a Whole… Sad to Say!!!

  3. vicki hood says:

    Those with no conscience are deemed psychotic. The nut case that did this to poor Thumper surely has no conscience, no compassion and no brains. He/ she needs to beware of street justice. Investigation and arrest of this maggot is surely in progress. It may be a vengeful act. Tears and prayers for tiny Thumper. Keep us posted and those that can please donate for his treatment. Thumper needs all of us.

  4. Adrienne says:

    I agree with Penny and Pamela. An island for all these scum,subhumans who do this to animals as well as humans. We have become a nation that doesn’t seem to have any caring or even anger when we read these stories. Seems so unbelievable that many just gloss over it but it is real and does happen more often than we think. Please if you see any thing, report the abuse rather than be in doubt. Worse that could happen is the owner was not abusing his dog/cat.


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