Rescued: South Memphis ‘bait’ dog whose spirit was broken

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Less than one week ago, Liam was found hiding behind a warehouse in South Memphis. His battle scars tell his story. Based on the type of injuries and his physical condition, rescuers suspect he was a “bait” dog – a defenseless animal used to train fighting dogs. Liam’s left eye was swollen, his tail broken, gashes on his face and bite marks all over his body had taken their toll. Liam was defeated; his spirit was broken.

That night Liam was rushed to Grace Animal Hospital where he was treated for puncture wounds, infections and dehydration. In 28 years, the veterinarian at the hospital had never seen so many wounds on a surviving dog. Along with his injuries, he is heartworm positive and his white blood cell count was elevated – indicating a high infection.  The Streetdog Foundation has promised to make this boy’s life one of safety and love.

Slowly Liam has been making progress. An update on the organization’s Facebook page brings optimism:

“We are seeing a slight bit of progress for Liam. His very swollen left eye seems to have opened up a bit, and he’s walking around in the yard at the vet clinic and kind of fast, too. We’re happy to celebrate small victories! He’s also got quite the appetite which we are so thankful for because his body desperately needs the nourishment. Liam will remain on his IV for several more days. He still is on pain medication and antibiotics. Our goal is to keep him comfortable so he can gain strength and continue to heal.

Today, Liam got a bath to soothe his painful skin. He definitely wasn’t a fan so we made sure to treat him to burgies.”

Comfortably settled in, volunteers continue to slowly and carefully gain the dog’s trust. No one can even imagine what he must have experienced in his short life. When he is brought out into the yard, he’s very eager to return to the safety of his bed. It can only be assumed Liam’s life was so horrendous while he lived outdoors, he already knows comfort, love and treats happen indoors – a phenomena for him he has never known in the past. And yes, his past has warranted him to be very hesitant of humans, but he is learning to trust. 

What a sad testament to a dog’s life Liam came from, but what a grand gesture of compassionate hearts he can now expect and receive every new day of his life.

(Photos and video of Liam the South Memphis “bait” dog courtesy of Streetdog Foundation)

To help Liam, donations can be made by clicking here.

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Posted by Streetdog Foundation on Saturday, August 19, 2017


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10 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Bless Streetdog Foundation for taking on the care of this poor dog. I hope Liam continues to get better and finds a happy life away from the monsters that let him get into this condition.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Police know where these fighting pit bulls are trained and fight, so why are these places not shut down? There are some who unfortunately have become part of the problem and get kickbacks for keeping quiet. Should be monetary incentives for police or anyone to provide information where these dog fights and training areas are and they raid the places.

  3. ellen cottone says:

    Hi tail should be the subject of a new style of this generations Disney movie.
    His retched life and miraculous deliverance should be the film subject for the new masses. and with this we can open real dialogue for change.
    this needs to end now.

  4. ellen cottone says:

    the worst thing about bait dog culture is they are feeding the gentle pit bull to the aggressive pit bull.
    you see the underling real problem here. the violent pit breeder is keeping the breed from evolving into the loving service breed the breed was built for. they are responsible for the breeds bad rap its they who are keeping the breed. controversial.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another victim of human cruelty – Liam will never get justice for the horrific abuse he endured – this goes on and on and on – when will authorities wake up and start prosecuting dogfighters for FELONY acts? They get away with this daily – little to nothing is done and these hunks of maggot shit walk away laughing. These animals deserve justice for the abuse they have suffered.

  6. Cynthia Como says:

    The sight of Liam before he started the care he is receiving just crushed my heart and soul! What an absolutely gorgeous dog Liam is! I wish I was in the position to take him into my family for he is such a precious treasure! Watching Liam soaking up the love and attention he so deserves brought tears to my eyes! I love when a dog has a patch of color around the eye! I have such a deep,deep and immense hate in my heart for animal abusers that I ask for Gods forgiveness because he doesn’t want us to have hatred in our hearts,BUT….. as hard as I try to feel differently I just can’t seem to change those feelings,hence the reason for asking for forgiveness! I always want to say that I hate humans but then I stop myself BECAUSE of all the wonderful animal advocates and all of the amazing rescue organizations we have all across the world that are out there picking up the pieces of the abuse meted out by the evil monsters who harm innocent animals! These amazing people are part of the human race that shine brightly in such a brutal and cruel world! Liam is a beautiful gift from God and I want to thank STREETDOG FOUNDATION and praise the compassion and love they are giving Liam❤️ GOD BLESS STREETDOG FOUNDATION❤️ GET WELL SOON BEAUTIFUL LIAM❤️


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