Security guards caught on video beating puppy escaping from the rain

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In India, the Worli Police have charged two security guards of a residential apartment building for beating a puppy with sticks as the defenseless pooch tried to escape from the rain. And instead of finding a few minutes of safety, the puppy was brutally beaten by the guards – he remains in critical condition at the Mahalxmi’s Crown Vet Hospital.

According to the Facebook page for Help Bird and Animal Helpline released the following details of the spine-chilling cruelty.

“Dear Friends of Animals…. this is with reference to the case of the poor dog being beaten almost to death on July 24th 2019 under the instructions of a Mr Bhatia… residing on the 2nd floor of Turf View building, next to Vitesse showroom, Nehru Planetarium. The building manager Suryakant Kaushik has been instructed by Mr Bhatia to beat up all animal lovers as well. He instructed 3 of his building security to beat the dog to pulp and throw the body across the street.”

When the puppy entered the building, the two guards cornered the dog and repeatedly beat it with sticks. As the dog’s cries attracted a lot of attention, animal activists reached the dog and took it to the veterinarian hospital. Witnesses gave their accounts of the brutality and a complaint has been filed with authorities.

“”After striking him all over specially his head, they left him to suffer in convulsions & pain in the society compound.
(They forgot that there are CCTV cameras all around
Luckily not only building society cameras but also hi definition cameras of Vitesse company as they park their vehicles in the compound)
The pup made multiple attempts to arise but failed as he was not able too.( a video of this is available with us which was shot by an eyewitness)”

“The pup is critically injured on the head and abdomen. It was in a comatose state till Sunday. The laws are not enough, we demand stricter laws against animal cruelty,” stated the founder of Bombay Animal Rights, Vijay Kishore Mohnani.

We can only hope this innocent victim of such egregious animal cruelty survives.

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Thank goodness for the witnesses AND the security cameras!!! I hope that precious little treasure can survive. That poor precious little treasure…….

    My suggestion for justice is to subject the guards AND the resident who instructed them to beat animals AND animal lovers to the same treatment dished out to that innocent puppy. I wonder if they will survive (or if any animal lovers will help them)???

    In any case, these inhumane POSs all have reserved places in Hell waiting where they will burn forever for their cruelty…….


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