Terribly matted dog spent years hiding under a bed

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When a severely matted dog was surrendered to the Richmond Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, his former owner told the staff the seven-year-old dog had spent the last two years of his life hiding under a bed.

Dubbed Lionheart, the staff at the rescue organization immediately went to work. Veterinarians examined the pooch and began to remove the painful matting as a result of long time neglect. The dog was so matted he was unable to walk eat or drink properly.

Slowly life began to change for the little dog. After Lionheart was shaved and his nails clipped, his physical condition was better able to be assessed. The sores on his body were soothed, his periodontal disease was addressed, internal parasites were treated and killed, and soon his fur began to grow back.

For the last three months, Lionheart has been receiving medical treatment, and in June, it was time for this pup to find his new home. He was quickly adopted, and now lives an amazing life.

Check out his video:

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I love a happy ending story!!! WTG and very happy this precious little treasure was saved and got a second chance through the help of lots of great people!!!


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