Dog covered in ticks and tumors: Backyard breeder neglect

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Meet “Mama Rosita.” When an overcrowded shelter near Dallas, Texas contacted Dallas DogRRR – Rescue, Rehab. Reform and asked if they could help, rescuers were shocked when they met the dog.


“… ticks and tumors. This is human neglect and ignorance AT ITS FINEST!!. Completely hairless and covered in ticks, riddled with tumors, she’s at the ER. BRED BRED AND BRED AGAIN all for the greediness and laziness of a backyard breeder.”


Mama Rosita was released from the shelter early in order for the Dallas Dog RRR to rush the 50-pound dog to an emergency veterinarian. A specialist has been called in to help figure out how and where to start helping this dog.

“You are safe our little Italian Princess and you will rise to dance the dance of freedom from the tumors that weigh you down and NO MORE WILL YOUR BODY BE USED AND ABUSED to line the pockets of evil doers,” the group posted on their social media page.


For now, the photos of Mama Rosita tell her story. How cruel these owners and breeders must have been.

Updates to follow.

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