Deputies charge man for dragging ‘Gabe’ behind vehicle in animal cruelty case

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A dog dragged behind a vehicle for miles in Cross, South Carolina was surrendered one week ago after police showed up at the home with a warrant. Authorities arrived after a complaint had been reported about the dog, named Gabe’s serious injuries. On Friday, the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office charged Chad Brinson and arrested him for felony ill treatment to animals.

“The story he told [the owner] was that dragging the dog had been an accident as the dog had been tied to his car and he forgot when he had to pick up his kids at school on Friday. He said when he realized he was dragging his dog, he stopped and wrapped him in a towel. He said he took the dog home and thought he would be fine! At some point he did take him to the vet, but couldn’t afford care and returned home,” Jackie O’Sullivan, the co-founder of the rescue organization posted on social media.

Gabe has undergone several surgeries to repair the damage done to his paw pads and legs. Gabe’s second surgery, which lasted two hours cleaned and debrided his wounds needing a total of nearly 500 stitches.

On Friday, Jackie updated Gabe’s condition:

“Happy Friday from Gabe who is getting better & stronger day after day. Here he is earlier today during his bandage changes. You can see how much better his paws look already. During his 2nd surgery he had some special mesh put in his paws to help with the healing process. It has been a huge help! It’s amazing how resilient he is & how sweet & trusting he is with everyone he knows is trying to help him.”

Brinson was booked into the Hill-Franklea Detention Center. to donate and help with Gabe’s extensive medical needs.

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8 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Liar. Forget you tied your dog to your car and no one driving by you or on the streets tried to stop you? Did it on purpose and should be made to pay every penny of the cost of this poor dogs treatment. Then, throw him in jail.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    This Bastard knew that Gabe would Die of infection and pain… he either disliked Gabe , or was pissed off at his children… or possibly High on some sort of Chemical… he needs to do serious time ::;and NOT a Slap on the hand

  3. ACE says:

    Cruelty to animals will only STOP when it is severely punished! He took him to a vet? Well the vet will have records, I’d also like the name of the vet published if they exist, because if they saw these wounds and refused treatment because the owner couldn’t afford it, then that vet should be out of business!

  4. Dalma Bugg says:

    So thankful they caught this perp. Praying he gets a sentence apt for the crime against this precious baby. The time behind bars needs to be very long, and the financial recompense for the very cent of expenses for the long term care and and all medical treatment little Gabe needs both now and for any permanent damage done.
    It beggars belief how an adult human can contemplate (pre-meditate) committing such a heinous act against an innocent tiny puppy who has done no harm to anyone except maybe a chewed sock. Sadly though, we are seeing way too much of it because of lax laws.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’m glad someone had the where with all to call the police about this POS!. I don’t believe his story for one minute and think he probably did this on purpose. I hope they throw the book at this moron and he spends some quality time in jail. If he treats his dog like this what is he doing to his children?


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