Teen charged with abuse after wrapping dog’s muzzle with electrical cord

In Des Moines, Iowa, a teenager has been charged with animal abuse after authorities claim a young dog’s muzzle had been wrapped so tightly with an electrical cord, his face swelled to “four times the normal size.”

According to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, the organization in conjunction with police responded to a call about a dog in distress at Boston Avenue on January 18. When investigators arrived, they also found the young dog covered in feces and his dog bowl for water full of blood. The owner had wrapped an electrical cord around the dog’s muzzle and then urinated on the dog.

The dog, since named Bennie, by the rescue organization has been undergoing treatment as the swelling of his muzzle has continued to decrease. A scar, where the cord was wrapped, will be a constant reminder of the abuse Bennie has had to endure in his short life.

“It is unimaginable the suffering that Bennie endured during this ordeal and it is particularly concerning that the alleged abuser is a juvenile offender. Bennie is now safe at the ARL, but Iowa laws will do little to ensure that his alleged abuser is both punished and rehabilitated – and the laws will do absolutely nothing to ensure that other animals are protected from this person in the future,” said Tom Colvin, CEO for the ARL. “It is past time for Iowa lawmakers to pass legislation to strengthen Iowa’s animal laws so that abusers receive appropriate punishment for their crimes and mental evaluations to determine treatment to prevent reoffending – and so animals can be protected from horrible abuse like what Bennie suffered.”

Bennie remains on anti-inflammatories, pain medication and antibiotics due to prolonged swelling and injuries. He did not deserve this kind of suffering.

Sadly, Colvin stated animal abuse has been on the rise in Iowa. Join the ARL Humane Action Network to stay up to date on how to help strengthen Iowa’s companion animal laws at www.ARL-Iowa.org/HAN

To help with Bennie’s medical expenses and other pets in their care, donations can be made by clicking here.

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8 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    I agree. Wrap a cord so tight around his crazy neck that he suffers as much as this poor dog did. Laws in Iowa and other areas need to change to make these criminal offenses and make these kids/people pay for their crimes.

    • Nadya Rossi says:

      Iowa is the cruelest state to animals. Its Sobibor, Auschwitz & all the rest of the death camps rolled up into one big hellhole for the innocents. Shameless Iowans specialize in unholy, vile slaughterhouses.

  2. Tracy Vaillancourt says:

    Another serial killer or school shooter in the making. Classic sign of serious psychological problems. Now is the time to intervene before he escalates. Poor puppy. Breaks my heart and blows my mind every time.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Where were this Teenager’s parents or guardian while all this was going on? Are they really that clueless as to what their kid is doing? How about charging them? Maybe if parents were held responsible for what their children do, they would pay closer attention to what they are raising!


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