Horse and passengers injured in carriage crash

Horse and passengers injured when carriage crashed in Savannah

A horse, and several passengers, were hurt today when a carriage crashed in downtown Savannah. According to multiple sources, the horse was spooked before taking off and hitting a curb, which overturned the carriage, injuring seven people inside.

The accident happened late Friday morning near Warren Square – five of the injured passengers were transported to a nearby hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. As reported by Live 5 News, the horse is expected to be okay.

The owner of the carriage company released a statement about the accident to the news agency:

It’s a terrible accident and unfortunate situation. My understanding is the horse was scared because tree cutters dropped limb close to him. The horse took off but the driver had control. A car who thought the horse was out of control cut in front of the carriage and cut it off. The carriage then hit a curb and tipped. The carriage did tip over and land on its side. The horse is fine and back in the barn. As the owner, I am cooperating with authorities and I’m very concerned about the people who were hurt.” -John Tarr, owner of Historic Savannah Carriage Tours

Witnesses to the incident report seeing the horse “out of control” moments before the crash – one witness stated that the passengers were all “pinned” beneath the carriage after the accident.

PETA has issued a statement following the accident:

Horses are high-strung and so don’t belong on busy streets, where construction noise and sirens can easily panic them. This wasn’t the first time that a horse-drawn carriage accident in Savannah has sent people to the hospital, and it won’t be the last unless the city joins others that have ended the practice of forcing horses to toil for tourism.

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