Update on Gabe: Dog dragged behind vehicle

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A dog dragged behind a vehicle for miles in Cross, South Carolina was surrendered by his owner on Saturday after police showed up at the home with a warrant. Authorities arrived after a complaint had been reported about the dog, named Gabe’s serious injuries.

On Wednesday, the Berkeley Animal Center announced officials are investigating the case with allegations that the owner failed to provide veterinary care.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up after the local shelter  reached out for help.

“The story he told [the owner] was that dragging the dog had been an accident as dog had been tied to his car and he forgot when he had to pick up his kids at school on Friday. He said when he realized he was dragging his dog, he stopped and wrapped him in a towel. He said he took the dog home and thought he would be fine! At some point he did take him to the vet, but couldn’t afford care and returned home,” Jackie O’Sullivan, the co-founder of the rescue organization posted on social media Tuesday afternoon.

The owner has now been charged with the Failure to Provide Veterinary Care to an Animal. The investigation into animal abuse claims are ongoing and more charges are possible.

Following Gabe’s second surgery, which lasted two hours to clean and debride his wounds with a total of nearly 500 stitches, is resting comfortably.

“Gabe had a good night’s sleep with his pain meds and actually sat up this morning. We are so happy for him,” Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, posted Wednesday afternoon updating the dog’s condition. “He had been unable to stand or walk or sit up, so this is a very big deal. We hope he will continue to progress and not have setbacks, but there is no way to know that.”

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www.paypal.me/rescuedogsrocknyc to donate & help with Gabe’s extensive medical needs.

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  1. While I am in Agreement that a Vet Bill Can BE ASTRONOMICAL it is INHUANE to Just let the animal suffer with pain and the AMOUNT of STITCHES this poor little guy had to have… Holy Moley !!!! What a will to live… I hope this little Guy continues to heal!!!

  2. Poor Gabe I’m sorry this happened to you.it should never happen to anyone ever. Thank you RDR . Once again you step up for an angel that survived a devil. Rest and heal Mr Gabe your real family is waiting to love you and spoil you. Oxoxox


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