Volunteers rally to save dogs during distemper outbreak in Texas shelter

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It was a tragic scene at Garland Animal Services this week after 27 dogs were diagnosed with distemper. At least six dogs had to be euthanized, but there has been hope for many as volunteers rallied to help and save as many as they could. Distemperis extremely contagious, and all of the dogs needed to be moved out of the shelter so the facility could be thoroughly cleaned.

Volunteers from Plano to Austin came to the rescue.  Tzu Zoo Rescue  brought a RV to hold dogs while the healthy animals from those testing  positive for distemper could be separated.  Austin Pets Alive also pitched in to help.For dogs who could not be moved away by helping rescue organizations, a temporary shelter was set up inside of a covered garage where the city keeps its stockpiles of coating for icy roads.

Until 10:00 Friday evening, volunteers worked to install the temporary kennels – a triage section has been set up to treat the infected dogs. And then there are  dogs who desperately need help. Garland Animal Services still has 42 dogs that need to go to rescue in order to begin a deep clean. If you are a rescue that can provide assistance, please contact the shelter today.


Check out the video that shows how people really do make a difference. We are truly proud of everyone are helping. Please don’t stop now.

Thank you

It's been a long week. We are not out of the woods yet but you all have made it easier for us to get through it. We thank you for your patience, understanding and support. We couldn't have done it without all of you! We WILL pull through!

Posted by Garland Animal Services on Friday, August 10, 2018

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6 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Many blessings to the dogs and all working hard to save them! But I agree–why weren’t they vaccinated when they came in?

  2. Sue says:

    Well, here we go again. All the “shelters” vaccinate every animal who comes in. There is no proof vaccines prevent disease (for those who have studied the real history of vaccines and epidemics, as opposed to the paid-for version – by guess who – that replaced the truth). There is definite proof, however, that vaccines not only are capable of causing the diseases they are alleged to prevent, but also cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergies (including those terrible skin allergies), brain damage, and so much more.

    In lieu of AGAIN sharing my experiences in rescue over the last 5 decades, I will share the words of two veterinarians who have had the courage to speak out against the biggest commercial $$$ power in the world today:

    “The only safe vaccine is the one NEVER given. I dream of the day when my veterinary community stops sacrificing our animal friends at the alter of VACCINATIONS!”
    Dr. Stephen Blake, DVM, BS, CVH, CVA

    “Every skin problem you see is due to vaccinations without fail. Later in life, arthritic situations and degenerative spinal diseases are the result of vaccines. The rabies vaccine in dogs and cats causes so many problems it isn’t funny…. personality changes, skin changes, damage to the thyroid and endrocrine systems. It lowers the immune system tremendously. The animal becomes fair game to just about any disease. Vaccines, particularly rabies, are a political and economic scam being forced upon pet owners because they do not know the truth. On average, vaccines cost 60 to 95 cents per dose.”
    Dr. John Fudens, DVM, HMC, world-renowned pet vaccine researcher…
    immunosuppressants likes Apoquel, Atopica and steroids [i.e. Prednisone] also severely compromise and even shut off the immune system and make things infinitely worse while deadly NSAIDS and narcotic opioids severely compromise and harm the liver, kidneys, immune and neurological systems.

  3. Laura says:

    Surely you’ll get more “They should have vaccinated them all!” comments from irate, programmed people. But here’s from the City of Garland:
    “Garland Animal Services continues to aggressively sanitize the shelter and is collaborating with Cornell University Shelter Medicine specialists to implement appropriate control measures. ALL dogs brought into the shelter will be tested for distemper and closely monitored for any symptoms. IT IS ALREADY ROUTINE TO VACCINATE EVERY ANIMAL FOR DISTEMPER.” (emphasis mine)

    Almost all dog prisons routinely vaccinate all their inmates with the usual poison cocktails. We had a precious little toy fox terrier from a shelter who got distemper after having all the vaccines; she survived with treatments. Never had another vaccine after she reacted to a rabies shot, and never was sick again aside from having a few effects from the distemper. Many others have similar experiences.

    People believing in vaccines, and so angry about it to boot, are not offering any good solutions to these problems of warehousing innocent animals in prisons because of the habits of people, as in dog breeders and other irresponsible, destructive people. Aside from that, vaccines are not working and are causing great harm. As the Garland case, among others, have shown.

  4. Adrienne says:

    I agree 100% with Sue and Laura about the vaccines that pets are given. I know a well known veterinarian who believes in and practices all that Sue and Laura mentioned. He is a homeopathic holistic doctor who also deals with many cancer patients throughout the United States having phone consultations with the owner to see what needs to be done. Testing an animal for heartworm, but giving them poison to prevent it is not good.

  5. Kathy says:

    Totally agree with Sue and Laura, and here is something else to ponder, for you dye hard vaccinators!!! If just giving them a simple vaccine, which is done in every shelter, so you can be sure it was done here, then why, if you feel it works, are they all, or most, getting the disease it claims to prevent? Wouldn’t you think that if they were vaccinated against it, then it wouldn’t be spreading around to each? Isn’t this a common sense thing? Well common sense tells me vaccines only work to line the pockets of the manufacturers, and Big Pharma.


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