Dumped dog dead just weeks after being adopted from shelter

Dumped dog dead just weeks after being adopted from animal shelter

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A few short weeks after being adopted from California’s Orange County animal shelter, a dog was found near death on the street – a witness reported seeing her thrown from a small, dark-colored car by two black men. Days ago, Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation (GRFF) answered the call for help and responded to the area where the dog was dumped.

What happened?

On August 6, GRFF wrote:

Trying to assess her prior to loading her. Heartbreaking situations daily. We are currently driving to get her to a local Vet and calling her Precious Cargo for tonight!💕
*if you missed our outreach post we were looking for help picking this dog up. She was thrown out of a vehicle by two make, Blacks with numerous tattoos in a small dark colored car at 85th and Main. She won’t move,she’s dehydrated and broken somehow.

Help came too late

Though “Cargo” was taken to a veterinarian for emergency care, she did not survive. GRFF broke the devastating news on Tuesday:

Sad update, we really are having a difficult time writing this one.
💔 Cargo passed away about one hour ago, and we are in tears. We were all so hopeful, as were you. She was comfortable, and on pain medication. The only thing we can be thankful for is she did not die on the sidewalk alone. Other than her vagina trauma nothing was obviously wrong. No scrapes or abrasions.

In the midst of writing the Facebook post about Cargo’s passing, GRFF learned that a ruptured aorta was behind the dumped dog’s death. The group wrote, “Vet suspects trauma to the chest area. We know based on her sad demeanor she was mistreated in the short time she was out of the shelter.”

More about the abandoned dog

GRFF provided additional information about Cargo:

*She was chipped and had been adopted July 23rd from the Orange County Shelter. We contacted the person who was listed as the adopter but the person we reached out to is not the adopter. We will be contacting the OC shelter too.

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37 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I hope they follow through on this case, these people need to be found and prosecuted but will probably never be found. If found they will probably only get a slap on the wrist. We need stronger penalties and judges willing to give the maximum sentences. I don’t have much hope for that. RIP Cargo.

      • GLORIA says:

        Although this incident occurred outside of our jurisdiction and we are not the investigating agency, we are working with the local authorities in Los Angeles regarding this case. OC Animal Care is providing them all the information we have about Valerie and will continue to assist in their ongoing investigation.

        We take the safety of all animals in our care seriously and, as a result of the circumstances surrounding Valerie’s death, the individual who adopted Valerie is now ineligible for future adoptions at our shelter.

        Take care,

        OC Animal Care
        1630 Victory Road
        Tustin, CA 92782

      • G.D. Contre' says:

        Maybe cut off their penis or maybe someone will give them the same thing they did to Cargo then throw them on the hot cement to let them bake for days without water…. It’s called Karma!!!! Sick F@#KERS SOOOO PISSED!!!!!

      • Michelle says:

        You guys are all too kind in my humble opinion they should be in a bath of battery acid .
        A shot in the head is way too quick and painless which is not with these asshats need.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t understand how the person they reached out to, who was supposed to be the adopter isn’t. That makes NO sense at all. Does Orange County animal shelter know who they are adopting to or don’t they even care. I can’t imagine the torture this poor dog must have gone through. Someone failed this precious dog royally, I hope they are able to find out who indeed did adopt this dog and what lead to her death! This makes me sick!

    • Animal Advocate says:

      Exactly. Some shelters especially city, county and government shelters don’t even ask for an ID. Some shelters have free adoption days. I know they are under funded but need more background information before adopting and home inspections at random should be part of the adoption contract! This is sickening. Probably someone adopted the poor dog for someone else. A ruptured vagina She was raped by some sick SOB ‘s. I hope whoever did this is prosecuted, raped in jail and killed by animal Advocate inmates!

      • Gloria says:

        Why wasn’t the information below required to adopt any of the animals???? Why wasn’t the demon’s who adopted Cargo not required to give their drivers license so that the authorities can find who did this despicable horrible thing to such a animal who could not defend herself from being so violated.

        Picture identification with your current address. Two pieces of government-issued identification is ideal, and at least one needs to have a photo. A driver’s license is an example. Be prepared with an additional piece of ID just in case. If you don’t have a photo ID, bring several other pieces of identification including a recent utility bill with your name and your current address.

      • Gloria says:

        Who knows what other Pitts are adopted for!! Training for fighting dogs? Who knows if nothing more is required other than for the adoption fee’s. I have 5 rescued dogs (not pitts) and they are the lucky ones. Two were dumped, and they found us. Two of them were adopted at the Baldwin Park Animal Care and one from the Downey ASPC and I did not have to show ID drivers license. I did need to show my address and phone number and that was so they could bill me for the yearly license fee….

      • she feria says:

        shelters have SOP. i’m wondering why did this happened. also, if they are really after the welfare of the innocent animals how come they have free adoption on aug 18? to think there is still this kind of traumatic issue?!!

    • Gloria says:

      Why wasn’t the information below required to adopt any of the animals at the shelters???? Why wasn’t the demon’s who adopted Cargo not required to give their drivers license so that the authorities can find who did this despicable horrible thing to such a animal who could not defend herself from being so violated. I have been so sicken since it was reported on the news last night. I am still upset!!!!!

      THIS SHOULD BE A LAW TO ADOPT A ANIMAL….Picture identification with your current address. Two pieces of government-issued identification is ideal, and at least one needs to have a photo. A driver’s license is an example. Be prepared with an additional piece of ID just in case. If you don’t have a photo ID, bring several other pieces of identification including a recent utility bill with your name and your current address.

    • GB3 says:

      Raped so brutally that her aorta ruptured and she bled out. Sadly, this is far more prevalent than people know. This is why the “free adoption days” to clear the shelters is a horrible idea. What’s easier than picking up a victim that cannot speak that costs you absolutely nothing and no one is going to ensure that you are able to provide a living breathing life a real proper home? No one is going to miss her because another dog is in that same cage as soon as it is opened. Yes, it’s wrong but we make it way too easy. The laws need to be changed.

    • gb3 says:

      She was raped so brutally that her aorta ruptured. This beautiful girl was adopted at a “no cost adoption” event but a woman who gave her away to be tortured for 2 weeks before they dumped her body in Watts, CA. No home check, no vet check, no nothing. Just gave away a beautiful dog into care of an individual that has said it wasn’t her dog. And why not, no one follows up and it didn’t cost this person a penny. This is far more common than you would like to believe and “free adoption events” only make it easier for predators.

      • Animal Advocate says:

        Just thought and posted the same thing The shelters need to do random home inspections and have that in their contract. I think we need FBI background checks before adopting and a waiting period! This is sickening. I’ve volunteered for shelters for over 30 years and had done home inspections for rescue groups

    • Ketra says:

      I know now why I was having numerous episodes of severe chest pains with jaw pain numbness around at that time now. ‘Valerie’ “Precious Cargo” was enduring a broken hearted heart attack as she was so intensely stressed over what she was and had experienced. ???????? Such a sweet loving gentle soul, 5 years old, having only known a loving home no doubt, then at the shelter for 3 months of good care from good decent and caring people, then unintentionally placed in the hands of evil monsters and she was so sad and devastated, so scared. This empathetic symptomatic reaction happens to me many times over and over again whenever a child or an animal is greatly suffering. I am never privy as to who or where, that is to me the most frustrating in experiencing a moment of their excruciating agony, I also have really bad night terrors, and restless sleep for days on end.

  3. Jo says:

    Those guys oughta have their hands cut off! The non adopter should check their personals if some ID got into wrong hands!! Then have that shelter look at their records for Cargo and see if they can somehow get the basturds who hurt her so bad.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Hope they find the ones who came in to adopt Cargo and they get put in jail forever. Does not say exactly what they did but to have vagina trauma and chest trauma, but hope she knew she was being cared for only if for a short time. Shelter needs to trace who adopted her,where they live, and get police involved with this case.

  5. Jan Barnes says:

    Hope HELL begins on earth for these sick psycho scumbags! Sweet little Cargo is running and playing with the angels!

  6. Gail Calhoun says:

    There are film or surveillance from most in take areas of shelters. Why not this one? Would the adoption center be the only place in Watts that doesn’t use surveillance cameras?These people can be found, and there are pictures of them. Stop saying there isn’t. The sadistic torture of this dog should be of importance to the police for this certainly is a problem in society and sadly animals are shouldering the brunt of too much abuse.A special note to pet rescue report: we definitely want follow up and updates on this story

    • Gia says:

      Stacy Montoya at channel 5 who reported the story on Cargo when it first came out is a huge animal lover. Perhaps she could be contacted to do a follow up story. However, since there is so much more meanness in LA I’m sure Cargo’s story isn’t high on the list….Probably #1 on the bottom….Cargo will be on my mind forever… I guess I’ve haven’t lived in the real world as I never thought any bastard(s) would rape a poor dog. Hope Cargo was able to bite a big chunk out of these sick bastard’s who used and abused her for two week’s!!! F##kin Sick!!!

  7. J. Martin says:

    Got a description of these fucking dirtbags? Their car plate .. call the cops and tell them .. these bastards have drugs/weapons in their car. With any luck they’ll be SHOT DEAD in no time flat

  8. Wendy Ford says:

    No amount of torture inflicted on these worthless excuses of human garbage would be sufficient. NO FREE ADOPTIONS. Why is this the ONLY news about this heartbreaking story I can find. Someone needs to hold the ADOPTER accountable!!! Are there no laws protecting animals where this happened?
    THIS IS INEXCUSABLE. INTOLERABLE. UNFORGIVABLE. The fucking beasts who did this will have their day of redemption!!!

  9. Jo Ardell says:

    Please don’t let this Poor Dogs Suffering be in Vain! Justice For Cargo!!!!! Please find the animal abusers if they can be found, and punish them for what they did to this Poor Dog!

  10. Denise Moore says:

    What vaginal trauma these pigs raped her, my God this makes me sick that humans like this walk among us. I hope they are found and prosecuted

  11. GLORIA C. says:

    If you want to donate to a good cause donate to who came and rescued Cargo from the hot streets of Los Angeles and took her to the hospital. Eventhough, there was nothing the vet could do is to try and make her comfortable…..
    Ghetto Rescue
    (714) 924-GRFF

    Mailing Address:
    751 S Weir Canyon Rd #157
    Anaheim Hills, CA 92808

  12. PAMELA D says:


  13. BRee says:

    I feel like vomiting after reading this. The sick, depraved pieces of crap that did this deserve torture and slow death. Stop allowing unscrupulous adoptions. Check backgrounds. Charge a fee. The dogs I’ve adopted from shelters required ID, proof of address, verification of home ownership and some even a home check. I hope this dog gets justice and the scum goes to prison. Not just regular prison pound me in the a $$ prison.

  14. Gloria says:

    I have been sick for days just thinking what this poor dog had to go through for the two week this sick fuck and his sick friends did to her for the damages they did to her… FREE!!!! Anyone can give a fake address, etc likes these guys did….Giving away these animals they get homes that can’t even afford to give them care after they’re adopted. Also, these “FREE” giveaways can create these animals taken to China and who knows where…I know the shelters have so many animals Animal Care & Control can’t think outside the box…..Thank God for agencies like GETTO RESCUE who picked up Cargo from the streets she laid for 2 HOT days!!!!

  15. Luana Duncan says:

    Poor poor Cargo!!! Although someone mentioned in the comments section that “she won’t b missed”, well I will miss her!! RIP CARGO!!! Now u can run, run and b free from all evil!! U are now the angel I will think of!! Be free now my sweet sweet Cargo!!! and

  16. Gloria says:

    Bree, too bad they let someone take a animal from the shelter’s without a driver’s license…It would have a picture…I hope Cargo got a chance to take a big chunk out of these guys…. I would like to take a gun and blow these guys nuts off…. I am just so pissed!! These guys will probably take someone’s child next….

  17. Ketra says:

    I am so god pissed off about the giving away of dogs for free without a bare minimum background check and or home visit in such a high traffic high risk situation I could *???????? UUUGHHH !!!! Seriously where ARE your volunteers “???” ‘?’ ! Are most Californians from LA area that were your former volunteers moving to Abq, NN area as the largest no kill shelter here is so anal ..Watermelon Mountain Ranch is just collecting dogs and puts people through such an intense screening process just to look at an animal then they scrutinize you to death and do not even adopt out 2/3 of their available dogs to absolutely wonderful and totally qualified adoptees as they are so over picky!! Why WHY did you people at the Orange County shelter Give GIVE a sweet adorable vulnerable girl dog away to total sadistic mother faucker assholes ???? ? Why WHY didn’t you contact me or someone like Watermelon Mountain Ranch to help you out and to assist you ??? Everyone seems to know me yet in a desperate situation I am not requested to assist! Hell I would’ve taken her! WTF people !!!!!


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