Update on Fiona: Heartbroken 14-year-old Chihuahua rescued

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When a photo of the tiny face of Fiona had been posted on Saving Carson Shelter Dogs’ Facebook page, animal advocates just wanted to hug her, wrap her in their arms and assure her that everything was going to be fine. On March 6, the 14-year-old heartbroken Chihuahua arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center as a stray. A volunteer wrote:

“This sweet angel needs help now. She has some heart failure possibility and having some trouble breathing; she is being treated by the Vet. She needs a foster and rescue now to save her life.”

On Wednesday evening Fiona was rescued by Leave No Paws Behind. Although she was able to relax and sleep soundly all night, Thursday morning’s veterinary examination at the Pet Doctors of Sherman Oaks revealed serious health problems:

“All results are in and we now have a new updated estimate! Fiona REALLY NEEDS YOUR HELP as she remains in ICU! Radiologist reports show heart disease and severe Pneumonia. Now she also came in loaded with ticks and we can only deduce that this poor little girl was tossed outside and left to die. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP US CONTINUE TO HELP HER ONE DAY AT A TIME! We have received a new estimate for everything moving forward totaling $1,451.71 and we still need $1,206.00 to help her! No amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible,” the group posted on their Facebook page.

To donate to Fiona’s care, please click here.

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(Photos via Leave No Paws Behind)

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11 replies
  1. Ezgi Melody says:


  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Holy Cow!!! You know ANY DAY I surmise WE in THE USA will Start seeing A vast increase of Elders Placed on the streets of Cities and Townships in the “Guppy” state of CALIFORNIA as the aging population of 60’s 70’s early 80’s age sell their own homes Rid themselves of their remaining Pets. and Next the vastly aged parents ( if still Living) because it is time for the Guppies to travel on their self-centered, narcissistic lives, when they discovered LSD, Pot, and the various other chemicals they have ingested over the years for self-gratification.. This state dumps more Pets without a glance back, this sounds far fetched I know … give it a moment of serious thought… Fiona is unfortunately Just one of the Sad Victims of these totally Unvested Perfect Ass’s that have the New “It’s Gonna Be All about Me from here-on -out” syndrome !!!!

    • Diana Roby says:

      You are sure a hateful person. California is not the only state with an out of control pet population but they are working to improve it. There are other states a lot worst. Bitch about them and leave California alone.

      • pennysdachshunds says:

        Certainly Not hateful Just Honest!!! Oh the sinner that I am Pray for me OH Holy One and for all those dogs that your Guppy Population in California.. It is noted that California is the #1 for dumping pets at High Kill Shelters. and Texas #1 for total abuse!! Maybe the KKK should assist in the mater NOW that IS Hateful!!! Diana!!! Roast IN Hell with Those You seem to think are great!!

      • Nancy Raymond says:

        The dumping of senior animals is a nationwide problem – and most of the time they are killed – California is no exception – it gets infuriating that people treat animals like disposable objects and she was only venting her frustrations and has every right to do so. And what she said is very true.

  3. Adrienne says:

    These are the same people who, if they could get away with it, leave their kids and move someplace else. No responsibility once things get a little too hard to handle. Pets get older and need more care, but they still give us the same amount of love as they did when we first got them. Have no idea how these scums get just dump their older dogs or cats in shelters and assume someone will take them. They should be informed by the shelter that their pet may very well be killed because they are abandoning them in the shelter. When they leave their pet their, they should feel guilty and shameful that they could very well be causing their dog or cat to be killed in that shelter.

  4. susispot says:

    I shared her with Frosted Faces, but see LNPB got to her first. Wonderful that she is out of the shelter. She has hope now. I pray they get a handle on the pneumonia and she gets healthy for whatever time she has left. Thank you Leave No Paws Behind. I hope I can find some money to donate for her medical.

  5. Gizmos Mommy says:

    My heart is ripping in half. This precious little girl arrives at the shelter on March 6th, the 4-year anniversary of the death of my precious Gizmo. Gizmo, my beloved Chihuahua, lived for 18 years. I pray someone has the love and heart to foster this little girl and help with even $1. I will do so in memory of my precious Gizmo.


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