Senior dog is homeless

For the first time in her life, this senior dog is homeless

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After eight years, a senior dog named Hazel has found herself without a home, or a family. The former family dog was surrendered to Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) because her owner had health issues.

The Animal Care Center wrote:

Hazel was given to her former family as a 2 month old puppy and had been in the home since. The owner stated she had tried caring for Hazel, but that she’s unable to do so any longer and had no luck re-homing her.

Hazel gets along with other dogs and children and she has enjoyed regular baths and grooming throughout her life. The shelter provided additional information about the homeless senior:

She is used to being an indoor dog and sleeps in her crate. She likes to play with all kinds of toys and is house trained to go outside and also on wee-wee pads. She knows the commands sit, come, down, shake or paw. She walks on leash but will pull hard.

Without question, Hazel is confused and heartbroken. Please help her find a new family to spend the remainder of her life with by sharing her adoption information.

To adopt Hazel, please email with any questions (include animal ID# 21995.)

Note: You MUST visit Hazel at the shelter to adopt. NO TRANSPORT.

Brooklyn ACC is located at 2336 Linden Blvd, Brooklyn, NY.

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14 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    This is SO VERY SAD for this Lovely Companion Dog and for the ill owner that had to relinquish this scared girl::; It would be so nice if our World was a lot more compassionate and someone could and would adopt and take Hazel for visits with her former owner… Unfortunately this is far for a compassionate World in Which we live in this day and age… I hope that Rescue Dogs Rock of NY will Step up to the place of one of its States own dog Hazel Needs as much Help to Survive as those in TEXAS!!!!! Think about it RDRNY!!!

  2. Melissa Gurley says:

    So wish I was close someone please open your heart for this poor dog you will be rewarded ten times over please

  3. Red says:

    I find it so hard to believe that a family member would not be willing to take this precious girl….. that is so cruel to dump them when they have “served” you as a good, faithful, companion for years!

    • Petmom4 says:

      Why is it so hard to believe? Lots of people are alone in this world. If you’re not, be thankful instead if judgemental.

  4. Christine Brown says:

    i agree in what Red said on March 8 2018 at 4.25 pm I find it so hard to believe that a family member would not be willing to take this precious girl….. that is so cruel to dump them when they have “served” you as a good, faithful, companion for years!

  5. slv says:

    What a sweet girl. I pray a kind person will take this precious girl and give her a wonderful home. If I lived closer I would consider adopting her myself.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Hazel is stuck in one of the worst places possible – NYCACC murders dogs on a daily basis – makes up phony behavioral issues, gives no medical attention and one allows 18 hours before they kill them. Hazel has little to no chance being in this hell hole and being an older dog she is destined for the death chamber. I have been protesting this lousy example of a shelter and its miserable excuse for a director, Risa Weinstock, for years. No animal is safe in this death camp masquerading as a shelter. Hazel needs to be rescued ASAP before its too late.

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    Sharing in the hopes that this girl will get out of there and find a loving home. How sad the person that “had” to relinquish her couldn’t have found an alternative to a “kill” shelter. Prayers for Hazel.

  8. SPMason says:

    Someone please give this precious dog a loving home. I would take her if I had a home of my own. I do not, bit I pray that God would move someone’s heart to Love and care for her. PLEASE!


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