Legend: Brutally attacked by 2 other family dogs fights to live

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It is unclear what set off a violent fight between three family dogs in a Greenville County, South Carolina backyard on Wednesday afternoon, but no one could break up the fight until Animal Control arrived. Tragically two-year-old Legend suffered life-threatening injuries.

And now Legend, a Basset hound and Labrador retriever mix continues to fight for his life. Brought into the animal shelter in shock, both ears ripped off and his front left leg not able to move, Jackie Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC knew they had to act immediately.

“When we were asked to help Legend, we didn’t hesitate, didn’t contemplate the cost of his ongoing care, at that point, no one knew if he’d survive. His only hope was to get to a vet immediately, so that’s what we did,” Jackie told animal advocates following the painful story on the organization’s Facebook page.

The morning update on Legend continues to bring hope. Even with his horrific wounds, and most likely having been one of the worst and most brutal attacks seen by the rescuers, his condition has improved. Veterinarians hope to keep him stable and help him rest as comfortably as possible. He is currently on morphine for pain relief.

“Legend was savagely attacked by two large strong dogs with the other two dogs standing above him – ripping him to shreds,” Jackie stated. “It’s beyond heartbreaking. Our only goal right now is to keep Legend stable.”

Less than 24-hours into this rescue, Legend’s veterinarian bills are as follows:

RDR spent $457 at the first vet, $900 for his ER overnight and an estimate for the next week or so is expected to be $8000-$12,000! This is a huge financial burden and help is needed. Please consider a tax deductible donation:

Donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org or www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org or mail:
PO BOX 101
NY NY 10028

(Photos and video of Legend courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC )

Note: The two dogs that attacked Legend were also brought into Animal Control. There have been no updates on the dogs.

Graphic video at the time Legend was rescued and on his way to an emergency veterinarian.



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  2. Rachel Mullinax says:

    Prayers for you Legend that you keep fighting and get better. I have 4 girl doggies and they were all spayed as puppies… they still bicker… but I can only imagine how they would fight if they were not spayed or if they did not grow up together. They are all the same size. That having been said, I do not let them around other dogs who are not spayed or neutered or are not their same size. It is too unpredictable and too dangerous for them.

  3. Stephen Phillips says:

    Where the F*CK was his “family” during this attack, and why didn’t they STOP THIS HORRIFIC ASSAULT???

    Prayers for precious Legend, who would be welcomed with open arms to join our forever family of seven… (and counting)!

    • Christine Brown says:

      it says in the right up but no one could break up the fight until Animal Control arrived. Tragically two-year-old Legend suffered life-threatening injuries.

    • Michael Coulter says:

      Not being an ass here, but never get between dogs in a dogfight!

      Especially once blood has been spilled! Dogs are still animals, and their primal instincts kick in once they smell blood.

      Grab a hose, spray them with water, sure – but don’t initiate physical contact, or you might become a victim too!

  4. Adrienne says:

    Three dogs from the same home that I assume have lived together for a while. Were they all neutered or have these confrontations happened before. So sad about Legend as for some reason he was targeted by the other two,bigger dogs. RDR will do the best they can for Legend and hopefully he will pull through.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    I hope I am not the only one who finds this story not only heartbreaking but questionable. This could not have been the first time there was intervention between these dogs – Legend is ripped up like he was attacked by fighting dogs, not companions that lived together – I don’t mean to sound so pessimistic but there is something very unsavory as to why two dogs would just so viciously attack another dog from the same household. Thanks to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for stepping up (as always) and giving Legend the medical attention he so desperately needed. Hopefully, he will recover.

  6. carrie ainsley says:

    Please stop judging the family. From experience, and I mean a house full of rescued dogs over many years, there have been two incidents that happened that I didn’t see coming. I had three dogs that were spayed females, all BFF’s, lived together almost 2 years and suddenly a fight happened when one came in the dog door while the other two were trying to race outside. Then, a 200 lb. mastiff who has NEVER been even a little bit aggressive decided to break it up. We think she was protecting the smaller of the dogs. It was just bad timing. The other time it was two males, also neutered, no issues with either one and suddenly one was attached to the other one’s neck and wouldn’t let go. And I mean for 10 minutes with us trying everything possible. We finally sat on the one who wouldn’t release (he was a bulldog over 100 lbs.). Everybody lived. One dog needed surgery for staples and sutures, the others got antibiotics. Nobody lost their home, we just had to be more careful with the bulldog (who recently died at 14 from old age/cancer) and the mastiff. All the experts say if you have more than one dog, at some point there will be fights.

  7. Michele Conte says:

    Are the three dogs intact–or the 2 that attacked Legend?
    My heart aches for Legend. But if the owner(s) of these dogs did not neuter their males,
    they need to do that immediately. If Legend survives, he needs to be neutered, too.

  8. Barkley's Mom says:

    Very strange story. If these dogs are living together what triggered this attack all of a sudden? I understand family dogs can sometimes get into a tussle, but they don’t usually result in this outcome. Thank you again Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for coming to the aid of Legend, what would these dogs do without your compassion.


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