Horribly neglected dog rescued

Couple charged after horribly neglected dog rescued from tether

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A couple in Duncan, British Columbia, is facing animal cruelty charges after a horribly neglected dog was discovered in their care earlier this month. According to the BC SPCA,  Anderson Joe and Melissa Tooshley are facing charges for the deplorable condition of their dog, who was rescued on February 16.

By the time that officials discovered and freed the dog, he was emaciated and horribly injured from a collar which was deeply embedded in the flesh of his neck. In a press release, Marcie Moriarty, chief prevention and enforcement officer for the BC SPCA described the horrific conditions at the property where the dog was found:

“We received a report of a dog in distress and when the constables arrived at the property they found a medium-sized brown dog on a tether that was only a few inches long, standing in a large pile of mud and feces.”

Moriaty added:

“The constables used bolt cutters to free the dog and immediately rushed him to an emergency veterinary clinic. The wound from the embedded collar exposed the dog’s trachea and jugular vein – it was horrific.”

Though the dog was provided with veterinary care, the impact of the horrific neglect had taken a deadly toll – the dog succumbed to his critical condition two day after being rescued.

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17 replies
  1. Marni says:

    How are the animal welfare laws there? That is despicable. How long did it take the constable to get there after it was reported? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?????????????

  2. Debbie says:

    That’s the most horrible crime!!!! And totally unnecessary. These two sub human piles of garbage deserve to rot in jail, hungry, for a long dam time!!!! Sickening. They could have done anything. But they chose to let the dog suffer until his death because they ate lazy worthless scum bottom feeders. You going to do anything g to them? Probably not. About like here. They get a slap on the wrist. Get a lawyer, $$$$$, he gets them off or gets a slap on the wrist more$$$$. In the end there is no justice. Hope someone finds them and beats the living hell out of them. Chain em up and feed them once a week!!! That will make an impact!!!! Bet they wouldn’t do that again. As of now, Sure they will.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    Not People::: HEATHAN’S:::With the Attitude the World Owes it to them!! Because the poor, tortured DOG died. I bet they feel the charges Should be and they are entitled to have complete redemption, released to go home and FIND ANOTHER DOG they CAN AND BELIEVE ME:::Will Torture!!! too…
    They need to go on a One Way Fishing Excursion!!!!

  4. vicki hood says:

    Law enforcement doesn’t do their job? Get out. No pay for no work. What a poor excuse for law. This dog suffered probably years and they did nothing. RIP baby. Meet you at Rainbow Bridge.

  5. Lori says:

    Why did the call come in until after the dog was in such poor condition? Nobody noticed until then?? There’s a lot of guilty people here!

  6. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I both those Assholes go straight to Prison and get a string tied tightly around their throat nd left. Poor baby RIP

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Good old British Columbia – I wonder how damn long it took for the authorities to respond to this poor dog’s neglect and abuse?? Personally, I would LOVE the opportunity to confront Asshole Anderson Joe and his Dirtbag bride Melissa Tooshley – it would not be a pretty encounter, I promise. This poor dog DIED due to their vile neglect of his welfare – they deserve the same – lock these maggots up in a filthy shed, chained to the wall and forget about them – this I would enjoy giving these two hunks of sewer sludge – not a problem.


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