Coonhound stuck in Missouri mine shaft for 11 days

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Echo, the coonhound went missing nearly two weeks ago. Her family searched the entire Hannibal area where they lived; still no Echo.

According to the Hannibal-Courier Post, Joe Bates, the dog’s owner had reported his dog missing to the police. No one knew at the time, that Echo had wandered into an old system of mining tunnels in the Sodalis Nature Preserve and got lost somewhere in the underground passages.


Mary Lynne Richards, a parks employee discovered the dog; there was Echo looking up at her from the shaft and whining as if to say “get me out of here.” She wasn’t able to rescue the dog herself, and called the fire department for help. Three hours later, with the help of special equipment and a fireman lowered down on a rope ready to scoop Echo into his arms, the whining pooch was hauled up to safety and returned to her waiting family.

That shaft is now covered with a protective grate to avoid anymore accidents. No one knows how Echo found her way into the shaft, and she isn’t telling.

(Photos submitted by Lynne Richards Creative Commons and YouTube freezeshots)

Check out the video of the heartwarming rescue:

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  1. What a KIND and RESPONSIVE COMMUNITY :: The look of Joy on the Young Men’s faces was probably with the time and efforts for these (as always) dedicated and animal friendly Firemen… this little hound looked in pretty good shape for being there 11 days and must have had access to water and possibly some small creatures ( squirrels, mice) for nutrition .. A HAPPY ENDING IS ALWAYS NICE!!!

  2. Didn’t love him enough to keep him safe at home and supervised. Guess they don’t consider him a full fledged member of the family. “Hunting dog?”

    • I was thinking the same thing when read the story – sounds like Echo was allowed to run freely since it did not say he escaped. If he is a family pet then maybe this will open their eyes and realize he needs to be leased while out. This poor dog was gone for eleven days w/no food or water and only because a parks employee saw him – otherwise Echo would have starved to death – so glad he was rescued and hopefully this family learned a good lesson.

  3. Poor Echo, his nose probably got him into trouble. I’m glad he was found and saved. Kudos to the ones who saved him for his family.


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