North Reading police and firefighters save choking puppy’s life

In North Reading, Massachusetts, police and firefighters managed to save the life of a choking puppy brought to the police station by his owner on Sunday afternoon.

The nine-week-old St. Bernard puppy named Bodhi had been rushed into the police station by Megan Vitale and a friend who told officers the puppy had been choking on food and wasn’t breathing. Officers rushed out into the hallway, and poor little Bodhi was “not breathing, limp and unresponsive.”

According to the press release posted by North Reading Police Department Chief Michael P. Murphy, Officers Jorge Hernandez, Peter DiPietro, and Joseph Aleo along  with North Reading firefighters worked tirelessly for ten minutes to dislodge the food stuck in the puppy’s throat.

The dog was revived and provided with oxygen with a mask designed for pets by firefighters in the lobby. The puppy left with his owners and is being treated by a veterinarian at this time.

“Ultimately, a life was saved thanks to rescuers falling back on their training and remaining calm. Even though we are not faced with this kind of incident every day, the officers reacted just as they would in any emergency situation,” Chief Murphy said. “We are hopeful that the puppy will make a full recovery.”

Many thanks to the officers who responded and have had special training in how to respond to emergencies involving pets. Many of our officers are pet parents too.

(Photo and video courtesy of North Reading Police)

Check out the video:

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    HUGE THANK YOU to the officers and firemen of Massachusetts who stepped up and saved this dog – you are all heroes – You saved a life.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    This was awesome to watch the skill and determination on the part of those officers… It was pretty darn smart of those youth to stop and seek the help prior to letting the little guy go without oxygen and die… I hope for a full recovery..

  3. Ezgi Melody says:



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