United Airlines to resume carrying cats and dogs with new restrictions

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United Airlines announced that it will resume carrying cats and dogs to travel to their destinations in the cargo area of planes again beginning this summer. After tragedies earlier this year – one from a family flying from Houston to New York ordered to place their puppy in an overhead bin resulting in the 10-month-old French bulldog’s death, which brought thousands of negative criticisms, the airline is trying to change their image. In that same week, a dog bound for Kansas ended up in Japan, however the dog was successfully sent to his destination without injury. The airlines apologized for both incidents and studied its policies for better pet care.

Effective June 18, United Airlines will implement new policies and customer requirements. United will no longer allow passengers to book a cargo hold spot for any “brachycephalic” ( short-snouted) or “strong-jaw dog breeds.” A list on the website bans dogs from American pit bull breeds to Shih Tzus and includes both Burmese and Persian cats.

In addition, the airline will also restrict dogs and cats on flights in the cargo area from May 1 through September 30 at Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Phoenix and Tucson airports because of the heat of summer. In a statement rolling out the new restrictions aimed at giving United Airlines “PetSafe” program a more positive spin, Jan Krems, United’s vice president of cargo stated:

“As we continue our review process to ensure that we are always doing what’s right, we are committed to making significant improvements in our program and adhering to the best practices of animal comfort, well being and travel on behalf of our customers and their pets.”

The airlines has been working closely with American Humane and still includes in-cabin pet travel. All rules can be found by clicking here.

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5 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    good for them, I have a labradore so no restrictions on him, but I will not fly United because of their restrictions on any dog breed.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    WTF!!! I would still NEVER fly any of my Pets or even myself on the airlines!!! the rude and insensitive manner in which that “little family of an English Language Mother, baby , little girl, and murdered puppy, WAS and STILL IS ENOUGH TO GAG A MAGOTT!!!! The CEO”S were pretty damned QUIET about it and they defended a MORONIC EMPLOYEE!!! A bunch of Turds, run and work for that airline!!!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Sorry but putting a pet in “cargo” doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about their “PetSafe” program. I would be finding another way to transport MY pet. My dogs aren’t luggage to be put away in a cargo hold!

  4. Sue says:

    I won’t use any mode of transportation where others take over the “care and supervision” of my family members.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    United Airlines just jammed their foot in their mouth by this ridiculous statement that all dogs/cats have to be in cargo – I hope this idiotic cruel decision comes back to bite them in the ass. How many animals have died in cargo because of the lousy treatment they get? No way would I allow my pet to be stuck in cargo – if I can’t be with them, I don’t use your stupid airline – your idiot rules will be your demise – maybe training your employees to learn HOW to be aware and responsible instead of dumping your incompetence onto innocent animals and caring owners would work better in your favor – people flying with their pets want them with them – way too many deaths, injuries and loss of animals has happened to pets in cargo – this will not bide well for United Airlines.


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