Woman who pleaded guilty to 21 counts of cruelty sentenced to prison

In Blount County, Tennessee a woman who pleaded guilty to 21 counts of Class E felony charges of aggravated animal cruelty was sentenced to six years in prison on Monday. Amy Renea Robertson’s sentence will include 120 days in the Blount County Jail and supervised probation.

According to WjhlNews, the ten diseased and 11 malnourished animals were found in January – both dead and severely malnourished. The pets had been abandoned inside of Robertson’s home and left with no care, food or water. Investigators found dead animals that had died in their cages as well as other pets roaming around the home. Six dead dogs and three dead cats were believed to have perished from dehydration, starvation and the cold. The surviving  animals had been eating the flesh of the dead in order to stay alive investigators reported.

In addition to jail, Robertson will be required to repay $4,000 to an animal shelter, complete a psychological assessment and is banned from ever owning any animals for life.

(Photo of woman who pleaded guilty to 21 counts of animal cruelty via Blount County Sheriff’s Office)

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11 replies
  1. Pamela Bolton says:

    She should be forced to live the way she made those animals live. No food, no water and no heat. Six years is a good start, lifetime ban on animals is good. This is one disgusting sub human.

  2. Donna L Hawkins says:

    She should be starved also! Those poor animals suffered horribly! How could she do that and function like a human being! POS!

  3. Marni Montanez says:

    when the law takes animal cruelty seriously then we, as animal advocates breathe a little easier, because that is one case we won’t have to fight to get justice for the abused animal. Justice has been done

  4. susispot says:

    She should have gotten, at least, a year for each life lost at her hands…I’d dream of more, but that would be in the “perfect” world.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Amy Renea Robertson deserves to feel the same suffering she dealt to all these innocent defenseless animals – her cruelty has proven she is unfit to breathe – six years sounds good, but she will never serve the full time and be released to continue her miserable life with no restrictions. She should be sitting in prison for ten years minimum. I am so sick and tired of people and authorities treating animals like disposable objects – she needs a massive dose of street justice.

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    THANKFULLY the Judge in this case didn’t give her probation or time served !!! I hope she doesn’t live thru her time in prison !!! so they have to enforce that she has no pets upon release… I hope the prison system makes it so damn hard on her if they don’t kill her that she commits suicide…

  7. Red says:

    Make this monster serve her FULL SIX YEARS and pay her $4,000!!! No time off for good behavior…she is a monster and no suspension of time or fines….make her pay. LOCK HER UP WITH A REAL ANIMAL LOVER….maybe she will truly get what she has coming to her!

  8. PAMELA D says:

    Do the same shit to this bitch. Hopefully an animal lover will torture this bitch till she suffers in pain.


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