Awwww… South Charleston firefighters rescue baby ducklings from drain

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On Tuesday, a Good Samaritan reported several baby ducklings were stuck in a storm drain as the mother duck frantically paced up and down the street trying to will her babies to come out. To the rescue came the South Charleston Fire Department, and can there be anything better to start your day than checking out this most adorable rescue of even the smallest residents in the area?

According to the South Charleston Fire Department Facebook page, the baby ducklings were stuck in a storm drain located at Riverwalk Plaza near the Krispy Kreme and Burger King.

Once the mother duck spotted the arrival of the firemen she quickly fled the scene. And then the work started. One of the men climbed down into the drain and one by one, the tiny fluffy peepers were rescued and carefully placed in a cardboard box.

The babies huddled together until all were rescued and then released. Moments later their mom returned and escorted her babies across the parking lot and into the river.

Stop by their Facebook page and thank these wonderful rescuers.

(Photos of baby ducklings rescued via Facebook)

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    THANK YOU to all the South Charleston firefighters who stepped up for these little ones – without your help they surely would have perished – You are all heroes – real men are kind to animals – count yourselves in. Again, thanks to all of you this little family is back together.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Without The CARING FIRE DEPARTMENT of this Southern City:: 12 little ducklings would have either died by starving and thirst OR BY the HANDS of The Brutal THUGS and GANG BANGERS the TERRORIZE that CITY and Torture small ANIMALS!!! AT least now they have “SOMEWHAT” of a chance!!!


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