United Airlines to resume carrying cats and dogs with new restrictions

United Airlines announced that it will resume carrying cats and dogs to travel to their destinations in the cargo area of planes again beginning this summer. After tragedies earlier this year – one from a … Read More

Another dog loaded onto wrong United Airlines flight

Another dog was loaded onto the wrong plane Thursday, and yes, it happened to United Airlines again. A flight leaving from Newark, New Jersey and heading to St. Louis was diverted to Akron, Ohio after … Read More

Shepherd mistakenly flown to Japan by United returns on corporate jet

A German shepherd, accidentally flown to Japan instead of his planned destination, returned back to the United States on Thursday evening. United Airlines flew the dog named Irgo back to his home on a private … Read More

Update: Little girl whose dog died on United flights tells her story

A tearful little 11-year-old child named Sophia Caballos told her story early Wednesday morning about her now dead dog who passed away on Monday, after a United Airlines flight attendant forced the family to put … Read More

Puppy died on United flight after attendant ordered pet in overhead bin

On Monday, a puppy died on a United Airlines flight after a flight attendant ordered the passenger to place the dog in an overhead bin on the aircraft. The flight took off from Houston headed … Read More

Family blames United Airlines for death of beloved dog

A family in Houston, Texas, is blaming United Airlines for the death of their beloved dog, “Lulu.” According to Monday’s ABC 13 News, the dog was onboard a United Airlines flight which was delayed … Read More

United Airlines in the hot seat again after death of giant rabbit

United Airlines, which was recently in the news for the controversial forced removal of passenger Dr. David Dao, is in the hot seat once again after a giant rabbit died while in the company’s care. … Read More