Update: Reading neighbors capture man on video beating crying pup

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In Reading, Pennsylvania, it only took an eight second video for neighbors to suspect a man of animal cruelty shown beating a panicky, crying pooch on their surveillance video Monday. Several people want the dog taken away and used the proof of the video showing the dog being carried by the scruff of his neck wailing loudly in apparent panic mode.

According to Local12News, concerned citizens attended a Reading Council meeting on Tuesday looking for help for a dog allegedly abused. After showing the members the disturbing video, one of the animal advocates questioned the council members about the dog being held by its neck and repeatedly slapped in the face. The council suggested the neighbors contact the SPCA or law enforcement.

” I honestly could not think of anything. It made me sick,” stated local resident, Lori Zimmer, addressing the council members. “Normally I scroll through this but, I don’t know why, on this particular one I just stopped and played the video and I knew I had to take action.”

Another neighbor had heard the dog crying, and at first thought the pooch had been hit by a car. And now the community members want to know what they can do to make change the law so that pets suspected of being abused are removed from the alleged abusive homes until a thorough investigation can be done.

The incident is currently being investigated by the Cincinnati Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Reading Police Department. The SPCA says it is a gray area as to whether the video rises to the level of animal cruelty or abuse. When news reporters went to the home where the dog lived, the man who answered said he didn’t own any dogs.

There have been no charges filed against the dog’s owner nor has he been identified.

(Photo of surveillance photo capturing alleged abuse via Fox News video)

The video is very disturbing. Viewer discretion is suggested. 

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11 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    so if he doesn’t own any dogs, where did this dog come from.? That’s frightening. He’s lying about something and I can’t believe all those in authority are not getting the job done. Find the dog and arrest the man.

  2. Pamela Bolton says:

    Do they have to be standing right there to see it first hand!!! Why are not charges filed and the dog in safe custody??? Come on people, do your job !!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    These people have a video of this moron doing this to the dog and he has NO dogs? What did he do with the poor thing then. I fear it’s too late for that poor pup!

  4. Adrienne says:

    People in a community finally trying to get their town to act on these cases of abuse of animals and remove the animals until investigations are completed. Your town council and law enforcement can work with the community to change these ridiculous laws about animal abuse and get something done before the animals suffers a terrible injury because of the so-called owner.

  5. paula calabrese says:

    this video really angers me to see this sick psycho path not charged i hope he gets the book thrown at him

  6. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I would have taken matters into my own hands! Forget “channels”! The pup is probably dead now! Shame on everybody that took their own sweet time and didn’t help this dog! Shame! It seems even with a video showing abuse they can’t make up their minds! I’m dumbfounded!

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Exactly WHAT does this SPCA more need to see that this dog is being abused???? It is on video so it happened – and this damn so called ‘council’ sticks their heads up their butts and pass the buck to the SPCA who in turn says it is a ‘gray area’ – how much more black and white do they need??? I cannot believe the lack of action this so called animal protection agency is taking. By the time they get around do doing anything this innocent dog will be dead – way to go Reading PA.

    • Judith Rauenzahn says:

      They sure aren’t shy about asking for donations, but I never hear about them saving animals when you ask for their help! Pisses me off! The dogs on video being abused , so yes it DID happened! Do something!,

  8. Judith Rauenzahn says:

    They sure aren’t shy about asking for donations to save animals from abuse. But when asking them for help ,it’s like pulling teeth. The abuse happened, it’s on video, whats a gray area anyway? Do something, help this poor dog ,damn it!


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