Two golden retrievers rescued from 128 degree temperature inside vehicle

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In Merrimack, New Hampshire, two golden retrievers were rescued from a hot vehicle where inside temperatures registered at 128 degrees. The outside temperature at the time was 91 degrees. A shopper at the Merrimack Outlets spotted the two dogs panting heavily in a car  in the parking lot with the windows only slightly ajar.

According to New, Samuel Frackleton, 22, of Westford, Mass., faces charges of two counts of leaving animals in a motor vehicle on Monday. An animal control officer freed the dogs; both were safe. The golden retrievers were taken to the Merrimack Police Department and released to another member of the family.

Frackleton was released on his own recognizance and ordered to appear in Merrimack District Court  July 12.

It’s no secret that our dogs enjoy going for car rides, but on hot summer days, isn’t it best to leave your friend comfortably home with either a treat or a toy?

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13 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Jerk is lucky someone saw his dogs panting heavily or else by the time he got back, they would have been dead or close to it. Leave this guy in the car the same way he did his dogs that I suppose he loves and see how long he lasts without begging to be released. This is the punishment for all those who do this to their dogs. Make them feel what their dogs did just before they convulsed and died. Maybe then they would be advocates for not leaving any pets in cars, especially in the summer.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Wow! It’s a miracle they survived! Many blessings to the dogs and their rescuers! The owner doesn’t deserve them but does deserve some SERIOUS jail time!

  3. pennysdachshunds says:


  4. SueBiss says:

    You can tell he is a rich privilege kid that only thinks of himself! You don’t tell him what he can and can not do with his dogs. You can tell he is from a high-income family and he will probably get off with a slap on the wrist and pay a small fine. Do you think he has learned his lesson not to take his dogs out and leave them in a car when the weather outside is 91 degrees??? Do you think he will do it again, I do!

  5. Star Shelley says:

    I just want to reach over and kick this guy ass What is wrong with people. I just dont get it.?? We read about, TV tells us and still this idiots leave their dogs in the car.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    How many times do people have to be told about dogs in hot cars?? Apparently there are a massive amount of brain dead humans whose brain power is nil. This stupid kid is damn lucky there was a good person who saw his dogs panting and in trouble while he strolled around a mall – if not for this person Samuel Frackleton’s dogs would be dead. I hope this was a huge wake up call to this idiot – he is damn lucky someone cared.

  7. Victoria says:

    Too busy looking in the mirror plucking his eyebrows & styling his hair. His parents need to take away the car & throw his ass out!

  8. Red says:

    These poor dogs were RELEASED BACK TO THE FAMILY!?!?!?! This family is too STUPID to own dogs!!! Why were they returned? This dumb kid will just do it again!


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