Concerned citizens confront pet owner who left dog in hot car over an hour

At Norman’s Bay in East Sussex, a crowd of concerned citizens confronted a pet owner who left his dog in his hot car for more than an hour. Temperatures in the area reached in the … Read More

Dog died after being left in ‘hot car’ for hours as owner shopped

In Pensacola, Florida, the owner of a dog faces animal cruelty charges after she left her pet in a hot car for hours while she shopped at a Walmart store. On Friday, Crystal Marie Houk … Read More

Man breaks car window to rescue dog struggling to breathe in hot car

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, a man broke through a car window to rescue a dog struggling to breathe by sticking his muzzle out of the two-inch crack.

According to WmurNews9, Gerasimos Klonis had been … Read More

Onlookers cheer as police smash car window to rescue French bulldog

In the seashore community of Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom, onlookers cheered on Sunday as a police officer and a member of the public smashed a car window to rescue a French bulldog that had been locked … Read More

Owner more concerned with broken car window than with dog left in 95 degree heat

A group of Good Samaritans were shocked when the owner of a French bulldog was more concerned with his broken car window after returning to his car four hours later leaving his French bulldog to … Read More

Cleveland man cited for breaking car windows saving dogs from heat

In Parma, Ohio, a man from Cleveland has been cited for criminal damage after breaking car windows saving two dogs from the heat. Good Samaritan, Richard Hill says he is being punished for doing the … Read More

Two golden retrievers rescued from 128 degree temperature inside vehicle

In Merrimack, New Hampshire, two golden retrievers were rescued from a hot vehicle where inside temperatures registered at 128 degrees. The outside temperature at the time was 91 degrees. A shopper at the Merrimack Outlets … Read More

Seattle police smash window of SUV for two dogs locked in hot vehicle

Officers from the Seattle Police Department were summoned to a parking lot near Pier 55 on Sunday after Good Samaritans reported two dogs in a locked SUV that appeared to be distressed from the afternoon … Read More

Dog owner screams at rescuer after she left pet in boiling car to get pizza

The owner of a Springer spaniel who left her dog panting in a boiling car in St. Ives, Cornwall, screamed at a Good Samaritan for smashing the window of her car to save her dog … Read More

Homeless man arrested for leaving dog in car in hot Florida parking lot

In Delray Beach, Florida, a man left a little dog inside of a parked car on Sunday as temperatures soared to nearly 100 degrees in the vehicle. Fortunately, Phil Rubin had been walking into church … Read More