Tragic: Woman dying of cancer asking Stray Rescue to help her dog found dead

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In a tragic situation in Affton, Missouri, the woman dying of cancer who penned an emotional letter on Monday to Stray Rescue of St. Louis to help find her beloved dog a new home, was found fatally shot in her apartment on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Fox News, Crystal Chrisp, 46, was identified by police inside of her apartment after a fire. Police have ruled Chrisp’s death a suicide. Authorities were alerted to the fire early in the afternoon, and when they arrived they found the woman’s body with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The fire inside of the apartment was extinguished, and the building was evacuated as a precaution. No other residents were injured.

On Monday, Stray Rescue shared the emotional letter Crystal wrote asking that her dog, Shell be cared for after the woman stated she had lost her battle with cancer. Shell originally was adopted from the rescue and belonged to her mother. When her mother passed away, Crystal brought her home and wanted to make sure Shell found a loving home.

Shell has been adopted. According to the rescue, Shell had originally been found as a stray and was adopted in 2010 by Crystal’s mother. In 2012, Crystal cared for Shell – describing the shy pooch as precious as her own child.

Rest in peace Crystal.

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  1. WE Come into this world AS Brothers : Non Walk the Way alone : What WE bring into the World of Other’s will come Back into OUR OWN!!! Dear Crystal Walked the Road with He MOM and MADE Sure that SHELL Would BE CARED for and Crystal Chose a VERY caring RESCUE and PROVIDED WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION ATTESTING HER LOVE and DEVOTION to SHELL UNTIL SHE COULD NO LONGER WALK the ROAD IN HER OWN PAIN & SUFFERING>> BLESS CRYSTAL< SHELL <STRAY RESCUE ST LOUIS & the FINE, UNDERSTANDING INDIVIDUAL that WILL HELP SHELL Walk the Road While Protecting, and Watching over HER.

  2. Such a sad and tragic story, but I’m very thankful that She’ll was already in the care of Stray Rescue and so wasn’t present to witness or be unintentionally injured when her owner passed away. The moral of the story I think is don’t let your loved ones stay lonely in their later years. Yes, Crystal was younger at 46, but who knew what a burden she bore? I doubt she chose to die alone and lonely because she had the spirit within to take care of her precious dog. We need to know whether people are just giving up or whether they’ve had enough. We can’t do that if we’re nit in regular contact with those we profess to love – and I don’t mean an occasional email, I mean real eyeball contact and talking on a regular basis. RIP Crystal and God Bless your Mum to not suffer though she’ll know in hr heart her baby has gone now.

  3. My heart goes out to Shell, her first mom and her second mom. How sad that she lost her battle with cancer but I wished she hadn’t hastened her death. It leaves questions like her mom is still alive but suffers from altzheimers. Her mom may not know from one day to another but now she’s completely alone and lost! Life these days can be so terrible.


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