Abused dog used as target practice

Abandoned dog was apparently used as ‘target practice’ by someone

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An abandoned dog, found by a postal worker on a highway in Jefferson County, Texas, was apparently used as “target practice” by someone. The dog, dubbed Stubbs, was rescued and taken to a veterinarian where the full extent of his injuries was discovered.

The dog’s suffering

An exam and x-rays revealed that Stubbs had been shot multiple times – part of his tail is missing and his pelvis and spine are broken.  Brady Hanson, DVM at Wilcox Veterinary Clinic, told News 4 San Antonio:

“They’ve shot him a bunch of times. Looks like multiple occasions. There’s at least three types of bullets in him.”

Saving Stubbs

The tortured dog is recuperating under the wing of the rescue group, Pups in Peril. On Sept. 28, Angela Dodson, with the rescue agency, recounted how the rescue got involved:

He couldn’t walk, wouldn’t get up and as you can see from his pictures, is so skinny. (He weighs 42 lbs and our vet says he should easily weigh at least 70) The kind hearted mail carrier posted for help on FB and we were alerted to it so we jumped in the car and rushed to get him. He can’t walk, but can slightly move his back legs and wag his tail.


The rescue group wrote:

Any donations for Stubbs would be GREATLY appreciated and can be called in directly to Wilcox Vet Clinic at 409-962-9668 or made to our PayPal at PupsinPeril@gmail.

Find Pups in Peril on Facebook here.

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A sweet moment of purring cat and dog zen

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12 replies
  1. Micele says:

    Find the fucker who did this and use as target practice.
    We all know there’s still a healthy amount of crazy lunatics out there who would sign up for free to do that kind of shit.
    Or better yet donate his body to science and do medical experiments on him at least he can be of use

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    Well it’s Not “Something in the Water” Texas is Just a STATE with far More than it’s SHARE of PSYCHOPATHIC, EVIL & CRUEL. INDIVIDUAL”S !!! WHY IN THE HELL WOULD SOMEONE have A DESIRE to GET their PLEASURE FROM CAUSING SUCH PAIN & SUFFERING to a HARMLESS ANIMAL IS beyond My Comprehension!!!

  3. vicki hood says:

    Like the others, hope this shooter/shooters gets it in the end. Not the left cheek, not the right cheek, but right in the middle. To cause such suffering to an innocent feeling soul is unforgivable.

  4. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Hope you have a good recovering and feel well ???????????? WHISH YOU Ä HAPPY NEW LIFE !! STUBS ???????????????? YOU REALLY DESERVES THIS !!! Fynd the horribel person how done this too STUBS !!! Big Hugs from Sweden ❤❤❤????????

  5. Adrienne says:

    Texas, from the top/Governor needs to address this terrible stray dog population where these dogs are so abundant, that rescues can’t get to all of them. Animals used as target practice, abused or tortured for the sick pleasure of sick monster disguised as humans. I find it impossible to believe that those in charge of politics in this state, aren’t concerned enough to take care of this for once. Each year this gets worse and more animals suffer at the hands of sadists. People in Texas need to go after their politicians and force them into dealing with this and helping all these poor dogs.

  6. Dalma Bugg says:

    Don’t sit still too long, you might get shot like this poor unfortunate dog. What gives people tahevright? Nobody, they just take it whenever and wherever they want and just too bad if Liu I gotta creature’s getvin their path because they’ll just take them out or try to. Find this perpetrator and hit him wherever it hurts him most – his hip pocket and long term solitary confinement oh and tsrget practice where he’s not the shooter. Some won’t learn any other way.


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