Terrified kitten rescued from brutal jaws of deadly rat trap

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A terrified kitten was rescued earlier this week in Cambridge, United Kingdom, from the brutal jaws of a deadly rat trap which may have been set illegally.  Ten-month-old family kitty, Dobby had been caught in the spring-fired trap that had clamped shut on him. How he survived has been called a miracle; some how the trap had snapped only partially on his skull.

According to the Express, the gray and white rescue pet escaped without his windpipe being crushed or his skull fractured. In an old rusty device, worthy of a science fiction movie torture invention, had it not been for a Good Samaritan who alerted the RSPCA about the cat, Dobby would have never lived to make any of his seven remaining lives. The kitten had been previously rescued after having been kept in a basement where he and his litter mates  had never seen the light of  day.

The rat traps are legal, however they are not to be set anywhere near homes or where domestic pets wander.  Animal Cruelty Officer Amy Reiter rescued Dobby, and stated it took all of her strength to release the trap in order to free the scared kitty. Rushed to a veterinarian hospital, the cat was treated and his owners notified via his microchip.

“When I arrived the sight of poor Dobby was horrific – he was in absolute agony…X-rays showed that there were no broken bones but the trap has put a lot of pressure on his skull and his eyes so there may be more damage.”

The public is being asked to be vigilant about finding these traps. It is unknown if the trap was intentionally set to kill domestic pets in the area. According to the RSPCA, the old rusted trap had been repaired with new wire.

The kitten’s owners, Maria and Jan Mol, say their feline pal is doing better, but are not sure how his eyesight has been affected. Dobby also seems to be quite wobbly, and he could be suffering from neurological damage. Anyone with information about these traps is asked to notify the appeal line at 0300 123 8018.

Get well soon Dobby.

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