Horrible! Stray pup’s tail completely hacked off with machete

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In another egregious act of animal cruelty, a stray pup in South Texas, desperately trying to survive by scavenging for food, had been suffering after someone apparently hacked his tail off with a machete. After the dog was brutally tortured, he was left to die in an animal shelter. No one cared and no one was there to help him until Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came to his aid early Friday morning.

“Gino was left with no tail at all and suffering in pain with a deep and very serious infection causing him to now be fighting for his life, hoping he is not septic,” Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the rescue organization posted on Facebook. “The hack job is not new and Gino has been like this suffering on the streets, homeless, in pain… “

The stunning looking black flat haired retriever has been described as having the sweetest disposition  and in spite of having been tortured and abused, almost looks as if he continues to smile. He has been rushed to the organization’s veterinarian hospital to receive life saving medical care.

“Our society and our treatment of our companion animals is falling apart,” Stacey wrote. “The abuse and neglect we see everyday being inflicted on homeless dogs is beyond our comprehension.”

We can all make a difference. Report animal cruelty; don’t let someone get away with these horrendous deeds. Think about Gino, and although the photos are disturbing, this sweet and loving dog forgives humans. We don’t have to – we need to bring animal abusers to justice.

(Photos of Gino’s tail hacked off with machete RDR NYC)


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10 replies
  1. Marni says:

    That makes me so angry. What is wrong with people? They grow up having no heart and do these horrible things. They blame everyone else for their anger and so they take it out on these innocent creatures. So sickening. The shelter didn’t help matters not getting this dog help.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Good Grief!!!!! What is wrong with humanity? Prayers for this poor pup but is it any wonder this happened in Texas? Thank you again Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for again saving an abused dog from Texas!

  3. Denise Moore says:

    Stuff like this and the murder of children makes me want to turn my hat backwards and hunt the culprits down and drag them to the police, but then lawyers will make plea deals and they all get off easy. Animals and innocent children suffer everyday because we have some very demented humans.

  4. Adrienne says:

    Thanks RDR of NY for helping this sweet dog. Abuse in Texas is the norm for many who live their. Who uses a machete in this country, and that will tell you who may have done this.

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    What else can you expect from the state of Texas – they treat animals like disposable objects and the abusers are left to walk away OR never be prosecuted – and in addition, Texas does not have any shelters – all they have are death camps – no animal injured is given medical attention – they are left to rot – Sweet Jesus – this poor dog was lucky that Rescue Dogs Rock NYC CARES and rescued him – animals have to be rescued FROM a so called shelter – guess that says it all about Texas – should have stayed with Mexico.


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