Teen arrested after posting video flushing cat down toilet

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In Staten Island, New York a teen has been charged with animal cruelty after posting a video on Snapchat showing him flushing a cat down the toilet at his Amboy Road, Great Kills home on Sunday morning.

According to StatenIslandLive, the disturbing video sparked outrage, and authorities were called after social media sites including Twitter and Facebook garnered thousands of viewers expressing their utter disgust. The video identified Allan Barelyuk, allegedly carrying the black and white scared cat by the scruff of his neck, shoving the cat into the toilet, closing the lid and then flushing. The post under the video read:

“F*** cats, someone take him before he’s snake food.”

Barelyuk lives with his uncle and allegedly told police it was all just a prank to fool his friend telling officers his friend really loves cats and doesn’t allow Barelyuk to touch them; so he pranked him just to “get under his skin.”

Barelyuk was arrested and defended himself to the backlash on social media stating:

“Sheesh, y’all mad I’m sorry for getting a cat wet.”

On Monday, a judge ordered supervised release for Barelyuk and ordered him not to own or harbor any animals. The defendant has no previous record. Two dogs at the home have been removed and turned over to a rescue organization.

The cat was not seriously injured and has been removed from the home.

The video can be viewed here. (Graphic and disturbing)

(Photo of cat flushed in toilet freeze shot from video)

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  1. Disgusting POS……

    I have an idea. Why not put this scum in the middle of a huge cesspool, then drain it after making certain he can’t get out. Then perhaps he’ll find out just how much fun that poor cat had with his little ‘prank’.

    There are way too many kids in this generation with absolutely no conscience whatsoever. They think it’s oh so cool to post cruel videos so their friends can laugh, which speaks volumes about their friends, too, as well as the vermin who spawned them.

  2. HURRY! HURRY! AT last there has been A Step in the RIGHT direction!! ABUSE in NEW YORK alone Has gotten Totally out of Control!!! Torture and Maiming and Mulitation all START ONE STEP AT A TIME>>> I am glad the animal’s were removed and his Uncle had best get this little Demon into intensive therapy ASAP!!!

  3. I pray the wrath of karma finds allen barelyuk with a beat down leaving him blind and cripple for LIFE! Bet he won’t be able to torture anymore animals in that condition, eh? Worthless, sub-human maggot along with his derelict uncle ought to be tied up and taken to the nearest body of water and thrown in, while others stand around and laugh. Wonder how FUNNY they’ll think they are while trying to save their disgusting asses! Sick of this crap, sick of being ‘decent’ about my responses, as these sadistic bastards have proven that it only fuels their abusive behavior. Judges had better start pursuing harsher punishment or we’ll hang them at the nearest post for dereliction of duty toward public safety. PERIOD!

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again nothing is going to change unless the punishment fits the crime.
    Instead of cops using innocent people as moving target practice They should be using pieces of shit like this for target practice I would say it’s justice well served if they start shooting people like this.

  5. A prank huh? Well .. how about I tie the little fuck face’s hands behind his back. Shove his face into a toilet and flush… and keep on flushing. Hopefully he’ll drown (OH .. Forgot to mention .. There will be some extra special stuff in it while it’s being done too.


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