Teen arrested after posting video flushing cat down toilet

In Staten Island, New York a teen has been charged with animal cruelty after posting a video on Snapchat showing him flushing a cat down the toilet at his Amboy Road, Great Kills home on Sunday morning.

According to StatenIslandLive, the disturbing video sparked outrage, and authorities were called after social media sites including Twitter and Facebook garnered thousands of viewers expressing their utter disgust. The video identified Allan Barelyuk, allegedly carrying the black and white scared cat by the scruff of his neck, shoving the cat into the toilet, closing the lid and then flushing. The post under the video read:

“F*** cats, someone take him before he’s snake food.”

Barelyuk lives with his uncle and allegedly told police it was all just a prank to fool his friend telling officers his friend really loves cats and doesn’t allow Barelyuk to touch them; so he pranked him just to “get under his skin.”

Barelyuk was arrested and defended himself to the backlash on social media stating:

“Sheesh, y’all mad I’m sorry for getting a cat wet.”

On Monday, a judge ordered supervised release for Barelyuk and ordered him not to own or harbor any animals. The defendant has no previous record. Two dogs at the home have been removed and turned over to a rescue organization.

The cat was not seriously injured and has been removed from the home.

The video can be viewed here. (Graphic and disturbing)

(Photo of cat flushed in toilet freeze shot from video)

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