Street dog noticed by villagers lying in same place for more than a day

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In Udaipur, India, a street dog had been struck by a vehicle. She slowly crawled away and settled on the side of the road. The accident had fractured her jaw and broke several of her teeth; she was suffering and slowly dying.

When  concerned villagers called Animal Aid Unlimited, rescuers rushed out to the area and found the young Labrador mix unable to stand curled up in a ball. She seemed disoriented and most likely had not eaten or had water in days. She was carefully lifted into the arms of rescuers and brought back to Animal Aid for treatment.

Named Dory, the sweet dog collapsed when placed onto the examination table. There the medical staff were able to gently open her mouth to discover her jaw was fractured and several teeth had been broken. Had she not been rescued, she would have soon died of dehydration.

A wire was placed in Dory’s jaw to help heal the fracture. It was long before the dog was able to eat again; it had been a long time since she enjoyed a full meal and now with no pain, Dory truly enjoyed the experience.

Weeks later Dory’s life completely changed; a dog who had given up hope found a reason to smile.

To help more animals  just like Dory,  donate to Animal Aid Unlimited.

(Photos from video via Animal Aid Unlimited)


Take a few minutes and watch the video. You won’t be sorry knowing there are still so many compassionate and kind people in this big world of ours:

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10 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    This group is absolutely amazing. They are always saving the most tragic cases of neglect and abuse…… The “before and after” stories are incredible!!!!!!!

    All power to them to keep performing these miracles!!!!!!!

    BTW: We donate to this group (& feel they are one of the BEST animal rescue groups on the planet)…….

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    HUGE THANK YOU to the kind villagers and especially to Animal Aid Unlimited for rescuing and saving Dory – she would have died if not for all of you. She looks wonderful now.

  3. Red says:

    I’ve said it once, and I will say again….. IF I EVER come into a lot of money, Animal Aid Unlimited is going to get a chunk of it. These blessed people take some of the most hopeless animals and bring them back to life. ANIMAL AID UNLIMITED….. YOU are God’s chosen saviors to animals!


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