dog abandoned in basement

Years after being tied up and abandoned in basement, dog is still homeless

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Years ago, two dogs were abandoned by their owners who moved away…leaving them behind. As if moving away wasn’t bad enough, the dogs were tied up and left alone in the basement of a house. Neighbors, tired of hearing the dogs desperate barks for help, finally reported the situation to the authorities and the dogs were saved.

The dogs, reported to be siblings were taken to a shelter in Wantagh, New York – the male was quickly adopted, but the female, named Olivia, remained homeless for nearly 450 days. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Olivia found her way into a real home in December 2016.

For a year, Olivia enjoyed being a companion – living with a family and loving all of the attention that home life brings. Sadly, a happily-ever-after was not meant to be for this lovely girl – her new family decided to surrender her. Not because Olivia was a bad dog, rather, because they were moving and she didn’t fit into their new plans.

Now, Olivia is back in an animal shelter, confused and depressed. Olivia has her own Facebook page and on February 6, a sad post revealed just how hopeless she currently is:

I don’t do well in the shelter. The 446 days spent here has done its damage to me emotionally. To be back here again has broken me. I need to get out and hopefully to a home that will keep me for good this time.

Please give Olivia some much needed attention by sharing her adoption information. She has been let down too many times and deserves her very own “happy tail.”


Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter
Wantagh, NY

Facebook page “Adopt Olivia” here.

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14 replies
  1. Helen Wen says:

    Shared on FB. The family who surrendered Olivia should never be allowed to adopt another pet. Your dog is supposed to be a family member, so if you move the dog moves with you. Would you leave your children behind? Disgusting family.

  2. Alisa Clark says:

    Those neighbors did not have a compassionate bone in their body’s. Only reporting because they were tired hearing them pleading for help. I wish I was closer I would give that sweet girl a loving home

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Thank you Alisa, when I read this I felt the same way – the ONLY reason these idiot neighbors called was because they were sick of hearing the barking – NOT because they were concerned about the dogs. Now the Oliva is back in a shelter because she didn’t fit in w/the adopters plans – way too many people in this country who only care about themselves – I hope this dog finally gets a safe loving home. People like the aforementioned make me sick.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Please adopt or foster these animals.They are worth saving and you will be making another dog adotable to a family. Help those who want pets, but don’t know how to train them. By fostering, you can help those families by making these dogs good pets for an adoptable family.

  4. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Those idiots should be ashamed of themselves for treating her like this and not taking her with them. They should be put in those cages.


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