Stray dog Sadie escaped shelter traveling 8 miles to find her puppies

In the small suburb of Riverdale, Georgia, Sadie had been living behind a store for several months. When Clayton County Animal Control found her with a litter of puppies, she was brought to the shelter. A local rescue organization offered to care for the puppies until old enough to be adopted. Sadly, Sadie, the mother dog was left behind.

Partners for Pets offered to rescue Sadie, secured a loving foster home and arranged to pick her up last Saturday. Somehow Sadie escaped from Animal Control, and rescuers and staff suspected the dog had left searching for her puppies. When captured, she had been full of milk, and her maternal instinct had to have been very strong.


“I have asked for the location they originally picked her up so we can start there,” Partners for Pets posted on their Facebook page, asking everyone to be on the lookout for Sadie.

Just four days later, Sadie was found! An update on the rescue’s Facebook page told the story of a miracle:

Sadie is the girl who escaped AC last weekend and we now know why. This girl was determined to find her remaining 2 pups which she did. She is scared and went 8 miles but found them and will be going to a rescue with her 2 tiny “runt” little puppies. We can’t thank Clayton County Animal Control enough for not giving up and determined to find this girl. She is a MIRACLE and she had an Angel watching over her. God Bless all of you for this sweetheart.”

Not only was Sadie rescued again, but her remaining two puppies must have been hiding the day Animal Control officers found the young family. Who could believe Sadie traveled eight miles back to where she cared for her puppies to find the last two?

And on Thursday afternoon, Sadie left the building with her puppies.

“SADIE and her two puppies have left the building. Free at Last. Thank you Asst. Commander Turner and Supervisor Jones for helping us get them out.No catch poles for this sweet girl. She loves chicken and had some good fried chicken nuggets today. Her two little ones stayed close. To all who helped, we can’t thank you enough. This was a Miracle and God was watching over her and her babies.”

Just another reason why dogs are so special, admired and loved.

To donate to Partners for Pets and help to save more lives, please click here.

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14 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    Oh my gosh! what a great story. It angers me that we as humans think we have the right to separate a dog and her pups. That is so wrong

  2. Stephen Phillips says:

    What FRIGGIN’ “rescue” takes the puppies and leave their mother behind?
    Cross them off MY list of bona fides!

  3. Red says:

    Wow….. dogs are so incredible!! If humans were as passionate, compassionate and caring as animals what a wonderful world this would be!!!

  4. Diana Roby says:

    Confused as to why the puppies were separated from Sadie. If they were too young to adopt, weren’t they too young to be separated from their mom?

  5. Diana Roby says:

    I just sent to the Facebook page for Partners for Pets. They were not the so called rescue grout that ripped the babies from their mom. They are quite upset about that. As an I. At least she has two puppies with her. They would have died if she hadn’t escaped

    • Cheryl Hanna says:

      There is no statement pointing to Partners for Pets as having taken the puppies and leaving the mother dog. The second paragraph of the article states they offered to rescue the mom. Why anyone is upset is puzzling to me. I can’t help if people don’t read.

      • Diana Roby says:

        I agree, you can’t help if people don’t read. But YOU need to read what I wrote. I went, not sent, to their page and THEY, Partners for Pets, are upset that the so called rescue group that took the puppies did not take Sadie. I DID NOT say that they were the so called rescue group. In fact, they are quite passionate about rescuing in general and very much so for Sadie and her pups

  6. Adrienne says:

    Glad Sadie found her pups and she definitely has a strong maternal instinct. Hope all of them get adopted into loving homes.

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Why would a rescue leave the mother behind??? Makes no sense since the puppies needed her for her milk – I think the only hero here is Sadie who was determined to find her babies – and was finally reunited with them. Hope they all get safe loving homes, they all, especially Sadie, deserve one. No one will ever convince me animals have no feelings – this story alone is proof positive they are probably smarter and more caring than the human race.

  8. susispot says:

    I don’t understand why they didn’t keep her with her pups if she was “full of milk”? I thank God she made it safely back to her babies.


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