Starla was ‘given away for free’ because she couldn’t walk

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Imagine a puppy left languishing in pain behind a store, when a Good Samaritan picked her up after the neglected dog was given away for free. What could have happened to Starla – her skin was as hard as stone and due to a spinal injury she could barely walk. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC had been asked to help.  And in another emergency situation without a moment to spare, Starla was rescued and rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital in San Antonio, Texas.



“Here she is today at our Texas vet partner fighting for her life,” posted Stacey Silverstein, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s co-founder earlier in the week. “She’s still in a lot of pain due to her spine being broken ( see attached xray  below) but on heavy duty pain medication. We are hoping to get her on transport to NY next week to be seen by our spine specialists.”

And even though Starla has been rather uncomfortable she never stopped being sweet and loving.



On Monday, Starla arrived in New York City and headed straight for an MRI of her spine to give the medical staff a better understanding of why she could not walk. Her back legs already had atrophied from non-use. After all the testing was completed and further consultation with a neurologist at another New York City specialty hospital, Starla was diagnosed as having a fungal infection of her spine.

This is a rare and very serious condition, causing complete paralysis if not treated; had a few more weeks passed by, the dog would have been permanently paralyzed. Treatment consists of a cocktail of various and very expensive medications for the next six months. Starla continues her road to an amazing recovery.


******Starla Update*****Starla remains at our NY Specialty Hospital after arriving on Transport from Texas 1 week ago Starla was being given away for free only one short week ago in her critical condition , unable to walk writhing in pain After extensive diagnostic testing and a consultation with a Neurologist at another NY Specialty Hospital it has been determined that Starla has a fungal infection of her spine This is rare and very serious , causing complete paralysis if not treated . Thank God we saved Starla when we did because she was on the verge of completely losing her ability to walk Another few weeks in her condition and she would have been permanently paralyzed . In order to combat this infection and cure it , it requires a cocktail of various , very expensive medications for at least 6 months . We hope you will HELP STARLA on her road to this amazing recovery ahead Without Your Help it’s just not possible to keep going at this pace Ways to Help Starla ***DONATE***

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Thursday, February 15, 2018

To help with Starla’s expensive recovery:


(Videos and photos of Starla courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

11 replies
  1. Melissa Gurley says:

    Poor baby I donated please donate to rescue dogs NYC they are all amazing and really care about each animal they take in so if you care too please donate whatever you can it goes a long way

  2. Christine Brown says:

    OMFG poor baby i wish that i could donate to help Starla but i can’t as husband and i are on benefits and can’t survive in what we receive as it has all gone by the time we have paid all the bills off and buy food.
    I hope other people will be able to donate towards her treatment.
    You are in my prayers and thoughts Starla and so sorry that we can’t donate for your treatment

    • pennysdachshunds says:

      Christine Brown: Like you I am retired. with the growing costs of hay, sweet feed, dog and cat food … We really have to watch our own budget to give quality care to the big and little ones we already have… that doesn’t make your family or mine less caring and wanting the best for the horrific little animals we see on site and WE BOTH WANT the best for them too… Bless you .

  3. Marni says:

    That sweet baby……..tears………..tears. Thank you again to this amazing rescue who keeps helping these dogs.
    God bless you

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    HUGE THANK YOU to the good Samaritan who rescued Starla and especially to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC who have given her the medical attention she so desperately needed. She is now recovering and is able to walk – now all she needs is the safe loving home she never had. Good Luck Starla.

  5. Mikki says:

    we would love the chance to foster Starla, to give her a loving home and to help her learn that the world can be a safe place filled with good people & animals with lots of love to share ????


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