Social media outrage as farmer tied squirrel to beer bottle for stealing corn

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Social media has erupted into pure outrage after disturbing footage appeared online showing a squirrel tied to a beer bottle and being tortured by a farmer in southern China.

According to the Daily Mail, the red-bellied squirrel had been caught by the farmer eating some corn kernels and the farmer thought it would be funny to whip the little creature as a punishment. In the video, the tiny squirrel can be seen writhing in pain and having a hard time breathing. The Pallas’s squirrel feeds on leaves, seeds and fruits.

The three-and-a-half-minute video was uploaded on  the Chinese social network, Weibo on May 31. Viewers have tracked the farmer’s residence to be in Guizhou Province. For the entire length of the film, the cruel farmer beat the tiny creature with a twig stating in local dialect:

“Why are you stealing from me? Go steal my cousin’s …. We don’t have enough corn for ourselves. Now you want some too?”

Web users have continued to criticize the farmer for being a heartless beast. Tragically there are few animal protection laws in China.

“Who has the right to torture a tiny squirrel?,” multiple viewers on social media asked. It is not known if the squirrel survived.

Pet Rescue Report has decided not to share the disturbing video – nothing to see there except extreme cruelty and an innocent little animal made to suffer.

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  1. I bought this house 26 years ago and planted a Fuji apple tree the second year I lived here. In all of those years I’ve eaten no more than 5 apples from it. Squirrels have gotten the rest. They taste test them all during the season, even when they’re the size of quarters. I’ve seen the tree relatively full one night and empty the next morning (no lie).

    It has NEVER occurred to me to do one damned thing to those squirrels, and I obviously planted the tree for myself and my son, not for those squirrels.

    When you plant ANYTHING, whether it’s crops, fruit trees, flowers, what have you, you expect something wild to get to it. You do NOT torture and kill that animal. You either find ways to deter it, like I’ve tried to do with the rabbits in my flower beds (with limited success), or you let them have some while you get the rest. I know people who plant some just FOR wildlife. I don’t know what makes so many people in that country such barbarians, but the horror stories from China make me feel sorry for every single animal in that country, and even more grateful for the people living there who are actually trying to do something. about the cruelty.

  2. I say put a heavy anchor around him and dump him in the ocean. Problem solved. No more cretin for these squirrels to worry about.

  3. First prison–next “hell”! In the meantime, he should be bound and dropped off somewhere where ALL the animals can get a piece of him–hopefully with the help of humans! Hope “karma” acts FAST!

  4. BARBARIC pricks live in that section of the world. CHINA .. especially is full of heartless ASSHOLES who do unspeakably horrific things to animals. A good portion of the people in that nasty country need to be fucking eradicated. Korea, Vietnam .. a few others. They have some caring people there and they are not all evil heartless shits; BUT …because the governments will NOT protect animals from POS’s like this. Then citizens there will continue to do crap like this.

    • I’m with you 100 percent and will NEVER EVER quit fighting the torture and slaughter of thousands of dogs and cats at Yulin, China’s annual “festival” starting SOON!!!

  5. I just watched the video on YouTube and the poor little squirrel is so scared and is feeling pain. It tried to escape but is unable to. I would like to stick that beer bottle up that jerks butt and break it off while it’s still inside of him and see how he likes being in pain. No compassion. Breaks my heart. God sees everything and one day this jerk WILL pay for what he did.


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