5,000 pets found dead in cardboard boxes at China facility

In Beijing, at least 5,000 pets were found dead left in cardboard boxes last week at a logistics facility in Central China. Reports state the death of rabbits, guinea pigs, cats and dogs had been … Read More

Outrage after live pig pushed off new bungee jump ride in China

Social media expressed their outrage on Saturday after a live pig was pushed off a tower at the Meixin Red Wine Town theme park in Chongqing, China. The terrorized 165-pound pig, whose legs were bound … Read More

Man caught dragging dog behind vehicle because it ‘smelled’

As if animal cruelty can’t get any worse in China, another viral video captured a man dragging his newly adopted dog behind his vehicle because the dog smelled, and its “stench was too strong.”

According … Read More

Social media outrage as farmer tied squirrel to beer bottle for stealing corn

Social media has erupted into pure outrage after disturbing footage appeared online showing a squirrel tied to a beer bottle and being tortured by a farmer in southern China.

According to the Daily Mail, … Read More

Chinese school kids torturing dog in graphic video sparks online outrage

Authorities in eastern China are looking for at least two school children seen in a graphic video circulating online showing a dog being tortured to death. The incident occurred in Xuzhou on Thursday night. The … Read More

Outrage as Chinese man drags dog behind scooter through city

Animal lovers are outraged after a man in China was videoed on Sunday dragging a dog behind his scooter through the city. A video released by iFeng news showed the dog tied with a leash … Read More

Outrage on Chinese social media as live rabbit left hanging behind vehicle

A motorist in Kunming, an area located in Southwest China, was both surprised and upset after seeing a live rabbit  swinging back and forth from the back of an SUV. The photos quickly circulated through … Read More

Supermarket clerk throws kitten out of store killing her

In a disturbing act of animal cruelty on Monday, a supermarket clerk fromWuxi Lu,located in the southern Jiangsu province of China, has been accused of throwing a tiny, stray kitten out of the store and Read More

Rat tied up with string and shamed for ‘stealing’ pieces of rice

A convenience store owner decided to shame a tiny rat caught “stealing” pieces of rice in Zhuhai, China. The rat was tied up with string by Lai Tiancai, owner of the store, who then hung … Read More