Supermarket clerk throws kitten out of store killing her

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In a disturbing act of animal cruelty on Monday, a supermarket clerk fromWuxi Lu,located in the southern Jiangsu province of China, has been accused of throwing a tiny, stray kitten out of the store and flinging it to the street with such force that the defenseless animal died just minutes later.

According to, the cashier from the supermarket chain Liahus, roughly picked up the trapped kitten by her head and neck, walked to the front door and tossed the kitten outside in front of a store full of irate customers.

“I hit him trying to stop him but was too late, then ran after the kitten,” stated an American eyewitness Lisa Movius. “It couldn’t move. it’s pupils were huge and eyes bulging out, and it died a few minutes later.”

When authorities arrived, the shop clerk tried to unsuccessfully press charges against Movius for trying to hit him. The police made the heartless culprit apologize, although Lisa stated it was in no way sincere; the worker claimed the kitten scratched him. Sadly, the animal cruelty laws in China are anything but effective, and tragically most animals do not get any protection against egregious acts such as done by this mindless fool.

In a brave attempt to get some justice for the innocent little victim of cruelty, Movius wrote a letter to the supermarket chain asking them to fire the employee, however the company has yet to comment on the subject.

Rest in peace innocent little kitten. Your life never had a chance to begin.

(Photo of supermarket clerk throws kitten via screenshot

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  1. Janie Ledergerber says:

    I am surprised that the low life jerk didn’t lick his lips and eat the poor little thing! No “man” would do this to a tiny defenceless animal. That kitten was probably terrified just before it was murdered. I know that Karma will have its day. I just hope this barbaric excuse for a human finds itself in a similar position and is shown no mercy. Maybe he will be going home and be mugged and killed by gang members. It would be fitting. I despise most humans. Humans are responsible for everything that is wrong in this world.

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    I found my Kotoha when she was just two weeks old. I bottle fed her and cuddled her constantly. She’ll be 9 months old in a week. I can’t even bring myself to imagine taking a tiny kitten and treating it as this monster did. China has come far in so many other ways, but as far as animals are concerned, it’s one of the worst places for them. RIP, sweet little kitten. You deserved a loving home and not a horrible death like this.

      • ellen cottone says:

        I have faith in people linda,
        I have faith in the redemption of Chinese People
        I do believe change is coming swiftly. There is a battle brewing as we speak.
        This war unlike every war in history It will not be a Border Dispute. It will be truely be a war between good and evill. China and parts of Asia ( korea)are bracing themselves for the onslought.
        We are going to end the brutal dog meat trade. The PyeongChang winter Olympics 2018 will be ON FIRE.!
        It will change because deep down there are Chinese people who also can not bare it. I will stand with them., I will scream it in the streets untill they take down dog meat soup signs in the streets.
        Are you with me, friend!?

      • ellen cottone says:,
        They will give you an oppertunity to voice your out rage. this is a country who has great pride and with that comes shame and its a powerful tool that can be used against them.your words are powerful they hear you.
        Your going to bring down the dog meat trade. Because deep down its wrong and they know it.
        At this point there proble a little enbarassed about it and dont know how to where just gonna go in and do it.
        find the back wood dogmeat farm. Rescue, get them the hell out of the country. You just cant adopt them out there they have a weird stigma attached and we dont have time for that.
        rejob the farmers in anything cheeper and with demand to be sold back to america and the free world.
        And then we all go home and watch t.v.
        Good luck on your journey of a million heart aches. And He is the ar million good nites sleeps
        Because you stood in its face and demand it to

        Korean presidant park geun-hye impeached!!

        gaining power is a presidantal favorite. who is adressing the dog meat cruelty issue.

        Ladies and gentalman of america, I give you,

        Mr. Moon jae-in.
        get to know him and his agenda and pledge to strenthan animal protection.

        This is the man who will change the world.
        This man is hope.
        This man is poised to change welfair for animals and people everywhere.
        In the future he will double back and help us in our new and horrable battles soon to be fought in this country for animal and wildlife protection. Mark my word and put it on your calander.
        There will be a show down between him and trump and trump will flee. He is the this centurys St. Michael the Archangel come to confront the demon. mark my word and put it on your calander.

      • ellen cottone says:

        What i ment is
        The journey of a million heart breaks and the journey of a million good night sleeps.
        because you did something about it. Its the only way to medicate the virus we contracted. The intrusive immages of suffering “others”. The Brutality of the dog meat trade.Because now we know.
        And this is why were here.

  3. Joan Martin says:

    Not the first or last time the barbaric people who live in China have done something like this. They DON’T care about animals. They don’t care about their own citizens. Doubt anything would be done. I wish the heartless shits who lived there .. cared more and had some compassion. Yes, I know not all people are like that there (there are those who actually do care). May seem like a cruel thing to say; BUT .. wish something bad happened to the people there. Wonder if they’d be thrilled to see the world ignore them and show NO compassion back to them.

  4. Donna Rodriguez says:

    These people are horrible and, I KNOW I’m probably going to get feed back form people with what I’m about to say but, I don’t care this is how i feel and, I’m in titaledto my own opinion. Ever since I’ve learned, saw and have read about oriental people and, how they abuse and torture animals and, how heartless they are , I cannot stand any of them…. they make me sick to my stomach… they will eat anything that moved and, they like it better if its alive. These people belong in another time and place in this world. You probably will say im prejedust which I am not. But, when it comes to these heartless scavengers I cannot help the way I feel. These people TORTURE….. WITHOUT THINKING TWICE. Their like CANNIBALS and, I’m really surprised that they don’t eat their young…. There is no reason they have to do what they do… they can plant crops, they have fish and rice. And, look how they torture these animals , they feel NOTHING when they hear their cries . This is so sad. I honestly believe if i had a gun and saw this i COULD SHOOT EVERYONE OF THEM RIGHT IN THE HEAD… this is bazaar, they are bazaar. Our country shouldnt even let these people in our country period. THEY ARE A DISGRACE TO HUMAN KIND. THEY ARE beyond disgrace to me…. and, this is my opinion and, I am intitled to it….

    • Judith piper says:

      I agree with all you say these people are a law with in there own world they don’t live like the rest of us but there not the only place in the world that eat dogs and cats we should start with not buying from China any think that would say something to other country’s who do the same thing

      • ellen cottone says:

        well get ya protest on judith.
        the olympics are being hosted by korea. and you know what that means. it is finally showdown time. goverment officials are trying to hide dog meat restaurants in the area. korean officials are bracing for the storming of the human Mercy chain to put an end to the dog meat trade..Westerners, The united states, South and central america and all european countries are geering up to make a stand Asian countries whho still practice the brutality of the dog meat tradeare seeing its days numbered. We will demand its end and these countries will rejob immediatally these dog meat farmers.They can grow blueberries. But only if they destroy their filthy metal cages.But know as much as we like to hate a country know this.
        There are kind people in china who are with us. They are on the front line. And going against a sevear goverment. The need our pity and prayers. Because they are the ones makeing the changes.
        Now that the korean presidant has been depositioned a man who is running for presidant right now is a dog lover and has witten books on his dog relationships especially stray dogs. hes the peoples favorite now. lets hope and pray for their deliverance.
        Get on board judith. Because in a few short months the shit hits the fan. Be a part of change.

    • ellen cottone says:

      Now, funny you should say that donna.
      There is an ancient chinese saying.
      In china you can eat anything with 2- legs…
      Except your parents.
      And ANYTHING on 4- legs,
      Except your bed.
      This is china. They laugh about it. They take pride in it.

      • linda says:

        Ellen, certainly a testament to their treatment of most animals except for the pandas It’s a shame they don’t respect or have concerns with the animals they kill or have killed (by poachers)the same way they do with the pandas. “The Cove” had me in tears!

    • Sherry says:

      I share your sentiments exactly. something is missing in those people; a heart or it’s there, but it’s black and evil. sorry. my opinion and I’m sticking to it. I’ve seen , read, heard toooooo much.

  5. Diana Bradshaw says:


  6. Joanne says:

    Heartbreaking and Horrific! This poor innocent kitten suffered agonizing pain, horrific torture and despicable abuse! This precious little kitten did not have a chance to blossom. Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace, Angel Kitten, you are now safe in the tender loving care of Jesus. Play in Heaven’s soft white clouds with all the angels, sweet little baby. Angel Kitten, I am praying for your deserved justice and that evil monster will suffer severe pain and a horrible fate in her miserable useless life. Angel Kitten, you are loved and you will not be forgotten. RIP, Sweet Baby ????????????

    • ellen cottone says:

      Whats very sad is she was just looking to fill her empty belly. reaching out to humans. in a place filled with extra food. a baby, alone hungrey with no home. this was her crime. she begged for food,, politely and shyly.
      god i wish i was there to save her

  7. ellen cottone says:

    look at the lenths this American lady went thru to try and intervein on the kittens behalf. challanged him verbally then physically tried to stop him. made a colassal scean where police were called in. Demanded the police do something. Wrote a letter to his bosses. This is American. She is what it means to be American. We have been raised to believe that even a small stand for the innocent counts and from a small stand down starts a revolution. she did not turn away and grumble. She confronted, She stood up to him . Brave and Courageous American She wasnt having it.
    She showed the other customers in the store how its done and they will forever be impressed with the brave act of kindness.
    I do believe Americans gut instint to save , to deliver to make change and not look away from the suffering of other creatures. How can we? we have been so lucky.

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    China proves over and over its lack of humanity towards animals – this is par for the course in this country – cruelty to animals reigns supreme and I urge everyone who cares about animals to boycott ALL imports from China – hit them in the pocket. Their garbage imports have also proven to be toxic and inferior. BOYCOTT ALL OF CHINA.


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