Boys attacked zoo Flamingos

Cruel boys attacked zoo Flamingos – one bird left dead

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A group of boys, ranging in age from five to eight years of age, are blamed for a cruel incident at a Czech zoo which left flamingos injured and dead. According to Tuesday’s publication of the Daily mail, the three boys, who apparently showed no remorse for their actions, allegedly threw wood and stones at a flock of American flamingos and kicked the birds as well.

One of the birds, reported to be 16-years-old, did not survive the vicious attack – another was seriously injured and her survival is uncertain. The devastating incident took place at the Jihlava Zoo on Friday afternoon – the whereabouts of the boys’ parents at the time of the attack has not been reported.

All of the boys fled into nearby woods but the authorities were able to track down one of them thanks to his distinctive yellow jacket – the zoo will be asking the boys’ parents to pay for the loss of the bird, who was reported to be quite valuable monetarily.

In August 2016, a Florida man killed a 19-year-old flamingo named “Pinky” at the Busch Gardens Park. The man accused of killing Pinky allegedly killed dogs prior to the deadly attack. Read the story here.

(Image via Daily Mail/CEN/TV Nova)

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24 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    WTH! is wrong with these children? These are young children and they do a horrible thing like this, what are their parents teaching them? These kids need more of a punishment than just the parents paying for the bird!

    • linda says:

      They do need more of a punishment. Perhaps cleaning up after the zoo animals. After such horrid behavior I’m nervous of what’s too come of these children as young adults.

  2. rieann says:

    need to do more to these serial killers in the making, i can bet this isn’t the first time doing things like this and the parents why were your sick little pieces of walking shit of alone is this what they teach there little shits

  3. Marsha says:

    Pay for the dead bird,pay the medical bill for the other bird,and beat the living shit out of these little bastards!!!!! 5 yrs old and all that anger…..Watch out, he’s off to a very bad start in life…If they were mine….God help them!!!!!

  4. Kathleen Drude says:

    Are you kidding? Where would children have gotten the idea to attack and kill defenseless birds? Violence has become entertainment for children! Their cartoons,video games and what the learn from their elders! We won’t have to worry about our children’s kids! They are going to destroy this world and everything on it!

  5. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Ces petits barbares devraient être condamnés, se sont des futurs assassins, des parasites pour la société.

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    I urge authorities to pressure the punk caught to tell who his friends were and take them ALL to court – and hold these parents responsible for this cruelty. These boys think animal cruelty is a joke and need to learn a harsh lesson, I do not care what their ages are – old enough to throw rocks, old enough to be held responsible – this is an indication of future cruelty and the making of serial killers.

  7. DAE says:

    Besides pay for everything. Order the boys to volenteer at the zoo for 100 hours community service. Have them be apart of any fundraiser or remembrance service for flamings, and part of handing out animal care not cruelty flyer info at zoo and parks, schools.


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