Accused flamingo killer also killed dogs

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The Florida man accused of killing a 19-year-old Chilean Flamingo named “Pinky,” apparently killed his neighbor’s dogs several years ago, reported Wednesday’s publication of the Tampa Bay Times. The accused flamingo killer, identified as 45-year-old Joseph Anthony Corrao, of Orlando, has already walked free from jail after posting bail, but his troubles are not over.

Corrao is facing a felony animal cruelty charge for allegedly causing injuries to the flamingo, who was a beloved ambassador at Busch Gardens. The incident which claimed Pinky’s life took pace at the Busch Gardens park on August 2. Witnesses claim that Corrao picked the bird up and threw her to the ground – the reason for the vicious attack remains unclear.

According to a prior publication of the Tampa Bay Times, Corrao fatally shot his neighbor’s two chained dogs in 2013. Corrao has a history of operating on the wrong side of the law – aside from cruelty to animals, he has also faced drug charges, child abuse charges, DUIs and a charge for hit and run.

Original story about this sad situation here.


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  1. S-o-o-o, this begs the question: WHY HASN’T THIS POS BEEN INCARCERATED FOR LIFE (or – better yet – exterminated)???

  2. Where’s my question Cheryl when does piece of garbage you piece of s*** this low-life piece of garbage s*** together was picking his butt up no one stopped him or tried to stop him they allowed him to go and just kill this poor bird

  3. So why was this ugly puke not in jail for his prior offenses? To tell you the truth, he wouldn’t have been alive to go to jail or commit other crimes if he killed my dogs or hurt my kids.

  4. And there is its, animal abuse crosses over to child abuse and abusive behavior toward humans!. And he walks free on bail! This POS needs to be jailed and away from humanity! I fear there is no redemption for this man, he is a plain out and out killer!

  5. Like everyone else, I have to wonder how many “small” (in legal terms) outrages he has to commit before someone puts them all together and imprisons him?


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