Beloved park Flamingo, ‘Pinky,’ beaten to death by man

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A 19-year-old Chilean Flamingo named “Pinky,” lost her life after she was brutally beaten by an Orlando, Florida, man on Tuesday, reported the Palm Beach Post. The Flamingo was a beloved ambassador at Busch Gardens and she was best known for dancing for park guests.

The man accused of ending Pinky’s life has been identified as 45-year-old Joseph Anthony Corrao. According to WFLA News, Corrao picked the bird up and threw her to the ground – the reason for the vicious attack is not yet known.

The park issued a statement following the attack. According to the release, Pinky was rushed to the park’s Animal Care Center, but her injuries were so severe that she had to be humanely euthanized. The park stated, “Pinky was a beloved member of the Busch Gardens Tampa Bay family and made many appearances on behalf of the park’s conservation and education efforts. She will be sorely missed.”

Corrao’s bizarre actions resulted in his arrest and a charge of aggravated cruelty to animals – he was taken to the Hillsborough County Jail.

Read more about Pinky at this link to Busch Gardens.


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  1. This man should be in jail for the rest of his life and have done to him what he did to Pinky. He does not deserve any mercy and he and others like him are the reason we have so many crazy people out there because they are given a slap on the wrist for crimes like this only to commit more heinous acts against animals.

    • Adrienne, you need to learn the difference between “revenge” an “justice.” And have some respect for HUMAN justice and dignity. The fact being that YOU are one of the crazies with your extremist views. Hint: People are not thrown to the ground to their deaths for an unsavory act against an animal. This is America, and you should get a grip about laws actually work. Dope.

      • You are right, and when the lawyer this POS hires is done, there will be no justice what so ever for the poor flamingo. Mr Corrao will have mental problems, drug problems, won’t know what came over him to make him act in such a way. I’m sure Adrienne knows this and feels like the rest of us that what she proposed having done to Joseph Anthony Corrao what was done to Pinky IS the just thing. We all know it will never happen but wishing it could doesn’t make her a crazy! I wish there were laws for such things that “actually work”, but I predict this POS will get what most get for animal abuse, a slap on the wrist!

  2. This POS needs to be locked away! Why did he do this to this innocent bird? He needs to be punished and no slap on the wrist for this!

  3. People that abuse and kill animals need to be put down. They will also turn into serial killers one day if that has not happened yet. Can I be the one to slam him to the ground and while he is suffering finish him off. Piece of crap

  4. No reason to allow this POS to keep on breathing. Anyone who could do this to a defenseless bird, and probably do it in front of children, needs to be removed from the planet.

  5. He had no business being near that Flamingo in the first place, and i’m sure his ” excuse” will be just as pathetic as he is and looks, if you don’t like animals or birds, or whatever, stay the eff away from them it’s thats simple.

  6. POS to beat an innocent bird to death he should be arrested and put in jail the problem is the scum do this and nothing happens to them and like a To turn him in with a couple guys for about an hour

  7. Yet THE AUTHORITIES Turned the MAGGOT TURD Loose on Society at Large on bond!!!! Just what people of Florida Need…


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