Dog out on walk fetches sex toy and refuses to release it

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A chocolate Labrador retriever named Galaxy had been on a stroll in  Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, (Northwest England) with his dog walkers, when he came loping out of the bushes with a huge rubber sex toy in his mouth, reports the Daily Mail.Dog fetches sex toy

As one of the five dogs being led by full time dog walkers Amy Brown and Natalie Ferguson, Galaxy appeared quite proud of his discovery. 

“We couldn’t believe it. He was so proud when he brought it over to us. We were looking at it thinking: ‘That’s impossible.’ It was enormous,” stated Natalie. “Me and Amy were in stitches. We would normally put things in the bin if the dogs pick them up, but Galaxy carried it round for about half an hour. We thought we’d better let him take it home and show it to his owner, Ami, but I found it so funny I couldn’t even explain what it was.”

And when Galaxy returned home, the dog’s owner Ami promptly threw the object in the trash, but her husband found the discovery obviously funnier than what his wife thought.  Ste, a plumber, had been hosting a fundraiser tournament at the  Hart Common Golf Club on Sunday afternoon. Galaxy’s find was presented to the winning pair – Ste and his playing partner Billy Johnson took first place. Never did Ste imagine, he would be the winner! The “trophy” all washed and cleaned is now on display at the The Wargrave Inn.

Check it out if you dare:

(Photo courtesy freeze shot of YouTube video)


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