Former reserve officer accused of causing K9’s death

Officer accused of causing K9 death
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Clinton Ellis, a former reserve police officer with Indiana’s Laurel Police Department, is accused of causing the death of his K9 partner. According to Eagle Country Online, the 34-year-old man is facing charges for Striking a Law Enforcement Animal but Results in Serious Permanent Disfigurement (level 6 felony) and misdemeanor Cruelty to an Animal (class A misdemeanor) for the death of the dog whose name was Blade.

The allegations

Ellis became responsible for the police dog in August 2017 and by early January 2018, the dog was dead. Initially, the dog was believed to be the victim of bloat, a condition also known as gastric dilatation and volvulus, or GDV. However, after an investigation by the  Indiana Department of Natural Resources, it was determined that the three-year-old dog died because of a foreign body in the intestines and “emaciation.”

Former officer has additional criminal history

The charges for Blade’s death are not the only criminal issues which Ellis is facing. According to the news agency, earlier this year he was also accused of taking a suspect’s gun and “gifting” it to a fellow officer – the act resulted in a level 6 felony charge of theft and official misconduct. He is also facing a misdemeanor charge for harassment of hunters, and is also accused of “misappropriating” $2,500 from the Town of Laurel.

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  1. Clinton Ellis sounds like an “upstanding” police officer, I’m surprised he didn’t receive an accommodation for his actions! In an age where the police cover up and excuse most of what they do, it’s surprising to see he is facing charges. Unfortunately his actions put a blemish on all of the “good” officers out there, I hope they throw the book at him.

  2. so this “model citizen” is a thief, animal abuser and bully. hmmm
    what bothers me is that the felony charge is in the wrong place. The felony should be and must be animal cruelty charges not because of stealing a gun. A life is more important.

  3. I’d like to run this fat Trogolodyte thru with a bayonet, but perhaps, I should focus my rage at a police department that would hire such a depraved degenerate. Don’t they do any vetting? The bum will get a slap on the wrist, if that. Poor sweet Blade, thrown to the wolves by stupid, reckless humans!

  4. Any cop found guilty of crimes MUST BE held to a higher standard than the rest of us, and this bad apple is certainly a worse criminal than most. Murderer (of a fellow police officer no less!) and thief along with a couple of other things: it doesn’t get much worse than that.

    Keep this POS in jail for life!

    The department had better look at its hiring practices, and while they’re at it, do some HEAVY background checks on their remaining officers. Where there’s one bad apple, there are bound to be a couple more, especially with one this bad.

  5. POS! Even dog handlers are guilty of abusing their dogs. I’m sure we’ll here from Sue about dog handlers. What she needs to be addressed is handlers can be among the abusers as much as civilians.

    • We all know that there are police officers just like regular people that are abusers but Sue wants us to believe it is all police officers and military dogs that are abused. I don’t agree with her, I have seen many dogs who are members of their police and military families and are treated as such. You don’t need to get her started on her vendetta against police and military dogs.

      • I agree completely. Most police dogs are respected by their police companions. There is always going to be a loose lunatic within every organization. Carry on, dear police and police doggies!

  6. ONE SICK PREVERTED Law enforcement Officer should be Cleaned OUT : One 38 ENEMA placed in the rectum by being discharged SHOULD DO A NICE JOB of REMOVING the Problem Forever!!! AMEN!!!


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