Social media helped to melt cold Russian hearts to save 3 puppies

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A Russian fishing ship had been stranded outside of a Far Eastern port for five days after the local Coast Guard told the crew they would have to kill three puppies they saved before they would be allowed to moor in the port. On Thursday, the puppies are safe.

According to RTNews, the puppies had been born to a dog last November after sailors of the fishing boat, Mekhanik Romanncha, spotted the female desperately swimming in the water. The trawler had been on its way to South Korea when another ship must have abandoned the dog and left her to die. The sailors were able to rescue the pregnant dog, but while birthing her puppies, the mother dog died.

From there, the crew members cared for each of the puppies, and they have since been living on the ship. The pups had been examined when the ship arrived in a Busan port in South Korea and were administered all their vaccines, filled out required paperwork and given the green light to proceed. Now six-months old, the puppies are ready to go ashore and find out what life has to offer.

The miracle story of the three puppies failed to impress the Coast Guard at the Russian port of Nakhodka on Monday, and the guards ordered the sailors to send the dogs back to South Korea because they lacked international dog passports needed to enter Russia. In addition, Russian law only allows two dogs to be imported at a time. (One owner from the ship had registered them).

And then came the standoff, and of course, it’s pretty difficult to compete with three adorable puppies and a ton of social media animal lovers applying pressure since the sailors were afraid the puppies would have been killed if sent back to South Korea. For the next five days, the Mekhanik Romancha spent anchored at sea; unable to moor at the port.

It wasn’t long before the plight of the puppies appeared on local television and was instantly picked up by the national media. On Thursday the Mekhankik Romancha was able to dock. The puppies must remain aboard the ship until their paperwork is cleared and approved.

Get a glimpse of the adorable puppies here.

Could there be a happier ending?


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6 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    They are adorable!! Good for the Russian sailors for doing the right thing all around! They are heroes!

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    I applaud the crew of the Mekhanik Romancha for stepping up in order to save these puppies. If not for them refusing to allow these little pups to be killed and standing their ground, they would have been killed. Due to their dogged determination and public outcry they prevailed and the puppies are safe.

  3. Donna L Hawkins says:

    I can’t get over how the coast guard just casually says the dogs must be killed!! Unbelievable! Wonderful that people rallied and common sense prevailed!!!


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