Give Princess another chance for her ‘Dear Diary’ new family

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Princess is an “At Risk” dog listed to die on Thursday at the Manhattan Animal Care Center. On April 15, she was surrendered to the shelter because her owner said the dog was no longer permitted in their apartment. Now she is at risk of euthanasia this afternoon for medical reasons; she has been diagnosed with Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex, which is contagious to other dogs at the shelter. According to shelter notes, she will need to be administered antibiotics for two weeks.

Apparently Princess refuses to let her bad cold bother her; a volunteer sings her praises:

“Dear Diary, Today was the very best day. I ran and I jumped and I played! I made so many new friends and I ate so many delicious wonderful snacks. Today was the very best day. ‘Who ever said you needed Anne Hathaway or Julie Andrews to enjoy the Princess Diaries?’ Our four-year-old pooch is obviously royalty in her buttercream coat tailor made for a queen to be.”

This delightful dog has a cheerful affinity towards toys  (pink stuffies)  and bubbles over with enthusiasm. She is described as leash trained, takes her treats gently and her tail swishes at windshield wiper speed when she spots a toy. An experienced adopter would be perfect for this girl.

Share this dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Today could be her very last day to play. Help to fill in May 3 – below:

“Day unknown: “Dear Diary, Today was truly the very best day, my happiest day, the best day I have ever known. Today is the day that I found my new family. Today is the day I went home.” Princess is waiting in adoptions at Manhattan ACC.”


Details on my behavior are…
Behavior Condition: 2. Blue

Behavior History
Behavior Assessment
Dog had a relaxed body and wagging tail. She allowed me to pet and collar her. She put her ears back as I took pictures and when I was done she gave kisses. She sat on cue. When putting her in her kennel she backed away. Once I placed water and food in, she walked right in.

Basic Information:: Dog is a spayed fawn brindle and white medium mixed breed. She was adopted from ACC 8 months ago. She was surrendered because her previous owner is moving to a place pets are not allowed.

Previously lived with:: 2 adults, 3 children

Click here to follow Princess’ adoption listing via NYCACC.

Information needed to help Princess below:

If you are a serious ADOPTER, and ONLY if you are able to go to the shelter in-person, please go to the NYC ACC website ( ASAP to reserve a PUBLIC list dog.

If the animal is NOT available for public adoption site you must reach out to a rescue to adopt/foster. More information, as well as a list of rescues, can be found here:

Email our HELP DESK if you have any questions about fostering or adopting. You can do that by clicking or emailing
Along with the above (and not instead of) please email ADOPTION@NYCACC.ORG!! Again, only email if you are serious and can get to the shelter to adopt.

To Contact the NYC ACC, call (212) 788-4000 for automated information.
Please consider giving one of our dogs a home… adopt or foster today!

Check out her video here:

TO SAVE PRINCESS, please post on THREAD or PRIVATE MESSAGE Must Love Dogs pg. Death row pups only get 18 hrs to find a home. Killing starts anytime after 1:00.


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  1. Adrienne says:

    Please someone adopt Princess. She is in a kill shelter and doesn’t deserve to die. She would make a family, couple or individual very happy. She aims to please and will bring so much joy to your home. Animals who love playing with their toys have an abundance of love to give.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    OMG!!!!!! This is NOTHING SHORT OF HEART WRENCHING!!! I am aware that Rescue Dogs Rock NEW YORK only takes the dogs That are injured or ill BUT FOR JUST THIS ONE TIME I WISH they would consider THIS BEAUTIFUL GIRL ….Princess doesn’t deserve a death by injection… I couldn’t even watch the video !!! I live over 2000 thousand miles from New York, and would love to give her a home so Surly there must be one of our posters that lives close enough and feels heart sick too that may help her….

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Anyone that thinks any facility connected to NYCACC has one ounce of compassion for animals they are sadly mistaken – all so called ‘Care’ centers do anything but care and since Princess is a pit bull she gets absolutely NO care – just a date with death. These dumps invent ‘behavioral reasons to kill animals on a daily basis – Princess has a very treatable condition but this means nothing to NYCACC and its affiliates. PLEASE STEP UP FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL GIRL – and to these dumbass owners – IF YOU CAN’T TAKE YOUR DOG WITH YOU – DON’T MOVE.

  4. VICKI HOOD says:

    Tears. Princess is priceless. Such a good girl and beautiful too. Halg goofy with happy stuff and a joy to have as part of the family. SOMEONE —PLEASE. GET HER OUT OF THAT KILL SHELTER.


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