‘Puppies’ rescued from Colorado storm drain really red fox kits

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When the Colorado Springs firefighters rushed out to a storm drain on Prospect Street of Pikes Peak Avenue on Thursday to rescue tiny black puppies, what a surprise to find out the newborns were actually red fox kits.


According to The Gazette, the fire department has tweeted about finding puppies in the storm drain and had apparently chased a fox – unaware at the time it was most likely the newborns’ mother. It wasn’t until the kits were taken to Powers Pet Emergency & Specialty that the adorable little ones, despite having black coats, were determined to be red foxes and not orphaned puppies.

The newborns weighed about four ounces each and still had their eyes closed. The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region will be working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and expect the kits to be returned to the area where they were found, and hopefully their mother will be back. During the first two weeks of life, the mother fox, referred to as a ‘vixen’ stays with the kits nurturing, feeding and cleaning them.

“If they’re out there for more than a day or so, we’ll come back to get them and put them with a licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist,” Travis Duncan, a spokesperson for the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Spring is on the horizon and that’s when wild animals start having their offspring. The public is urged to leave all babies alone; their mothers are probably not far away.

(Photos via Colorado Springs FD Twitter)

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