Facebook post about dog death

Facebook user posts important message to the public after dog’s unexpected death

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An Alabama woman went to social media to alert the public about the unexpected, and heartbreaking, death of a young dog. On March 13, Facebook user Michaelene shared a tragic story about a Great Dane named Isabella who died unexpectedly – the goal of the post is to alert others about the dangers of rope toys.

Facebook user warns about danger of dog toy

Stock image of a rope toy

Michaelene wrote:

It is with such great Sadness that I post this. But Laurie Stewart and I think others need to be aware of this. I have now thrown out all rope toys that the bigger dogs play with. Isabella was rushed to the vet yesterday when she was not acting right, and X-rays showed something but they did not know what.

Explaining what was found when the 14-month-old Dane was put under for surgery:

(They found) Rope toy piece sawed through the intestine by the pancreas And The duodenum was ruptured in too many places.They said she must have swallowed a piece and it made it most the way and started drawing through. Said it had been there for a few weeks probably before she showed any signs.

Michaelene concluded:

“Prayers go out to Laurie for her loss of her beautiful baby. 😭Your welcome to share as this may save another babies life.”

Knowledge is power – please be aware of the danger of these toys.

(Image via Facebook and stock image of rope toy via Pixabay)

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8 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Any toy can be a danger, dogs play with tennis balls and how many have we seen choke on them. They can break and swallow any toy and it can be fatal. I got knuckle bones for my German Shepherds and I had to take it away from my female because she broke it into jagged pieces and I was afraid she would swallow them. My heart goes out to Laurie in her loss of her precious Isabella, may happy memories help ease the heartbreak. Such a tragic accident.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Thanks for this warning – there are many so called ‘animal toys’ that are extremely dangerous – please be aware of what you give your animal to play with and/or chew on.

  3. Red says:

    RIP sweet puppy….. and prayers to this beautiful babies family. Seems like there are just no toys that are 100% safe, who would have every thought a rope toy to be dangerous. Thank you for your message Michaelene.


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