Alleged dog abuse caught on video

Damning video appears to show dog being abused on movie set

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A damning video, released to PETA by a whistleblower, appears to show a dog being abused on a movie set in China. The footage is reported to have been obtained while filming Chinese director Hao Ning‘s upcoming movie, Crazy Alien.

In a release, PETA describes what the whisteblower’s footage allegedly reveals:

(the video) appears to show a young German shepherd locked inside a cage, suspended 20 feet in the air, spun around by a crane, and then plunged into a frigid, fast-flowing river.

The whistleblower described what was happening:

“On November 28th, 2017, I witnessed first hand one of the worst animal cruelty acts I have ever seen.”


“The next shot was at the river’s edge where the dog was put back into his cage and tormented into a frenzy once again. This time … the cage … was hoisted 20 ft. and was flung while spinning out of control towards the river. … [T]he cage was completely submerged with the dog in it landing in a 10 mph current. After 5–8 seconds, the director yelled out “cut.” … A final decision was made by the director to shoot a second identical take. I could not believe my eyes.”

One of the actors in the movie, Matthew Morrison, has taken to Twitter to voice his own outrage over what apparently happened to the dog:

“I’ve just been made aware and seen a video from the set of a film I worked on in China. My heart is broken to see any animal treated this way. Had I been on set or known about this, I would have made all efforts to stop this. I’ve called the producers to express my outrage.”

Read more from PETA here.

You can view the YouTube footage of the alleged dog abuse at this link.

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10 replies
  1. slv says:

    It’s China!!! They don’t care about the welfare of animals. After the filming they probably ate the dog. Disgusting!!!

  2. Rieann says:

    What’s Peta bitching about they love to kill animals… this is China what do you expect from these pieces of shit then again everyplace is cruel 2 animals

  3. Melissa Gurley says:

    China a animals worst enemy please something should be done about this wheres this dog now on their dinner plate very sick people

  4. Marsha Squibb says:

    What do you expect from China!!!There are NO human rights and certainly NO animal rights!!! DON’T by anything from China!!!

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Of course its China whose animal welfare rules are non-existent – this hunk of sewer slime named Hao Ning will hopefully find himself the target of certain Chinese citizens who abhor the animal cruelty this country indulges in – to treat an innocent animal so cruelly only enhances this country’s lack of humanity. Thank God there was someone there to make this abuse internationally known. Hope the backlash is swift and severe.


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